About Affiliate Programs

Heard about affiliate programs? You’re in the right place!

AffiliatePrograms.com is an online directory and learning hub for affiliate marketers, social influencers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

Launched in 1997, AffiliatePrograms.com’s focus has been to:

  1. Provide detailed tutorials, guides, and news about the Affiliate Marketing industry
  2. List and review high paying affiliate programs and affiliate networks
  3. Share exciting, money-making opportunities found online & offline

About the Directory

AffiliatePrograms.com provides an extensive, curated Affiliate Program directory.

Each listing contains:

  • Program overview
  • Payment details
  • Our thoughts & review
  • Direct link to join

Plus, community reviews from experienced affiliates helping you learn all about affiliate programs!

We believe a hand-picked selection of affiliate programs and networks provide better opportunities by way of eliminating lackluster contenders. We believe the affiliate opportunities we’ve compiled – across dozens of highly profitable niches & topics – will create a wonderful opportunity to begin making money online with your social following, website, or campaigns.

About the Blog

There’s a lot of information about Affiliate Marketing on the Web – some good, some bad – which is why we try our best to deliver the best, possible information with easy-to-understand concepts. The content we cover is great for both newcomers and veterans of this industry.

On our site, you can find details tutorials covering topics like:

  • Building a website
  • Increasing traffic
  • Growing a community
  • Generating sales
  • Running a business

Plus, reviews of tools & resources to help your efforts in Affiliate Marketing.

We’re covering topics we think you’ll enjoy but topics we’re exploring, too! We are a group of experienced online business professionals and affiliate marketers. If we’re sharing details about an online tool or tactic then you can bet we’ve tried it in our efforts, too!

Where to Start

Ready to learn about affiliate programs? Want to get into this exciting, growing industry? Well…

Affiliate Marketing is a monumental undertaking… but one you likely already know.

This industry and opportunity are promoting other people’s products. You do this every day through word-of-mouth referrals, sharing branded content, or snapping pictures for social feeds. Except, this time you’re getting a cut of the action if your followers decide to check out and buy what’s mentioned.

We welcome you to start at the beginning: How Affiliate Marketing Works.

This primer will give you everything you need to understand the basics of Affiliate Marketing.

After you’ve grasped the concepts and feel ready to go head-long into this industry we welcome you to explore our Affiliate Program Directory. In the directory, you’ll find fantastic partnership opportunities, about affiliate programs offers, and how to begin partnering with some of the biggest brands in the industry.

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