The Best Yoga Affiliate Programs for 2018

Yoga affiliate programs let you tap into a 9-billion-dollar market.

A market supporting thousands of businesses, products, and services.

Practiced by millions, this niche and its affiliated offers create an incredible opportunity to make money with a yoga/healthy living blog or website.

This post explores some of the top and best yoga affiliate programs available. And, shares a few tips and tricks for maximizing your potential when promoting yoga affiliate offers.

The Yoga Niche and Yoga Affiliate Programs: Overview

Yoga affiliate programs are opportunities to make money promoting products and services from reputable brands.

These brands offer a referral system rewarding its partners a percentage of each sale.

The affiliate payout is different for each program but many pay 10% or more!

The programs are free-to-join.

Once on board, you’ll have access to many features including:

  • Yoga affiliate program referral link
  • Tracking and testing tools to improve commissions (sales)
  • Helpful banners and creative items to promote the programs
  • Insights and training from affiliate managers

Lululemon, for example, has an affiliate program letting yoga fans, instructors, and site owners promote their wildly successful brand and product line. There are several opportunities within this niche whether it’s promoting clothing and equipment to training courses and retreats. Can’t find a brand’s in-house program? It’s likely you could promote it using popular affiliate programs like Amazon or Walmart.

The yoga and healthy living market are on the rise, too.

Interest in the exercise, discipline, and ‘lifestyle’ continues to grow.

Yoga has come a long way.


  • Nearly 40-million people practice yoga in the U.S.
  • There are a dozen+ types of popular yoga with many more niche styles
  • Thousands of yoga studios and solo businesses are active

You can promote training programs, books, equipment, memberships, and so much more because the yoga niche is so diverse.

The Best Yoga Affiliate Programs to Promote in 2018

You’ve got some great choices as a yoga affiliate.

The following list presents top yoga affiliate programs you can join today.

Barefoot Yoga Affiliate Program

In the Barefoot Yoga affiliate program, you’ll find several excellent opportunities like promoting:

  • Yoga mats
  • Yoga rugs
  • Yoga mat bags
  • Yoga props
  • Meditation items
  • Eco-friendly yoga items

Their business runs frequent promotions (20% sitewide is common) and been in operation since 1996. As an affiliate, you’re teaming up with one of the best-known brands in the yoga niche helping build your quality suggestions and promotions. Their program includes all the typical features one would expect from an affiliate program including creative banners, tracking, and helpful guidance from its managers.

The Barefoot Yoga affiliate details:

  • 10% commissions on every sale
  • 60-day tracking cookie
  • Check, Direct Deposit, or PayPal payments

Barefoot Yoga’s huge selection of quality products is the perfect compliment for those in the yoga and healthy living niche.

Gaiam Affiliate Program

The Gaiam affiliate program is all about helping people find balance through healthy lifestyles. Gaiam is one of the best yoga clothing affiliate programs in this market with 1000+ products in their catalog. Yoga clothing isn’t your only option — they also include mats, kits, apparel, accessories, and body care items, too. Their premium pricing mixed with high payouts means big earnings potential with this yoga affiliate program.

The Gaiam affiliate details:

  • Up to 10% commissions on all sales
  • No minimum thresholds
  • Handled through Rakuten Linkshare

Note: The Linkshare affiliate network does have higher standards than many networks. Approval may take 24-hours+.

We think Gaiam is a great brand to add to your partnerships due to their high-quality products and great social outreach. This brand does everything right in the yoga industry without becoming too overly “out there” with claims and pseudo-science found in parts of the niche & communities.

Manduka Affiliate Program

You can’t help but come across the Manduka affiliate program when finding money-making referral opportunities. Manduka has done a tremendous job differentiating themselves in a massive yoga market through clever branding, high-quality products, and eco-friendliness.

What could you promote when partnering with Manduka?

  • Branded yoga mats (higher costs = bigger commissions)
  • Towels, bags, wash items, and props
  • Women’s/men’s yoga clothing

You also gain access to an extensive, free training area. And, passionate community and social outreach. Manduka is a complete package when promoting yoga items on your site or channels.

The Manduka affiliate details:

  • 15% commissions
  • No minimum thresholds
  • Collaboration opportunities

Their program is also offered through Rakuten’s Linkshare platform offering robust tracking and on-time affiliate payouts.

Stretch into More Yoga Partnership Opportunities

Your options continue the further niche into the yoga industry you go.

You’ll find plenty of stores and brands specializing in specific yoga items and services.

These don’t always have the biggest names in the industry but typically offer higher affiliate commisions!

Our recommended niche yoga affiliate programs to explore:

  1. Jade Yoga — They provide eco-friendly yoga mats | 20% commissions
  2. Live and Dare — They provide guided meditation products | 40%-50% commissions
  3. Yovada — They offer a yoga retreat affiliate program | 40% commissions
  4. Yogabody Naturals — They provide yoga training | 20% commissions
  5. BuddhiBox — They provide a yoga monthly subscription box | 15% commissions

Don’t want to go niche with your yoga promotions?

Consider joining the YogaOutlet affiliate program as their site sells thousands of items in all categories. Partnering with this brand is a lot like promoting yoga items you find through Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. Except, YogaOutlet pays 8-10% affiliate commissions and lets you set up an online store using their API, too.

Are yoga affiliate programs a good match for you?

Well… do you talk about yoga and healthy living? If so, then of course!

There are hundreds of partnership opportunities with thousands of yoga brands. It’s almost overwhelming. Explore some of those we’ve covered in this roundup as an easy “in” on monetizing your site and social media. Stretch those promotion skills as a yoga affiliate!