WooThemes Review: WooCommerce, Themes, and Plugins

WooThemes is a premium WordPress theme marketplace offering nearly one hundred+ beautiful, flexible designs

Each theme comes packed with incredible features and topped with a thriving community with active customer support.

Today, we’re sizing up WooThemes with a review.

As someone who’s bought a handful of themes from the network, I believe I’ll give you an idea of what you’re in for when purchasing a WooThemes theme.

Our WooThemes Review: The WooThemes Marketplace in Detail

WooThemes has expanded beyond a WordPress theme marketplace with its push into a full-fledged design.

This includes the ever popular WooCommerce, offering eCommerce to enhance the basic WordPress installation.

However, the focus of this review is to get a better understanding of what we’re all after here: the themes.

Theme Pricing

There are many WordPress themes available on the WooThemes marketplace. Each with unique feature sets and attractive designs.

Pricing is the following:

  • Standard Package – $70 for a theme (comes with 2 bonus themes, support, and updates)
  • Developer Package – $150 for a theme (comes with 3 bonus themes, support, updates, PSD files)
  • App Package – $100 – $200 for a single app (comes with support, updates, PSD files, and advanced functionality)

The standard package ($70) is a great deal for those that know, for certain, which themes they desire and don’t plan to customize a great deal of the coding and design.

The developer package ($150) is ideal for the individual that plans to make major modifications.

App themes ($100 – $200) are extensions to the WordPress installation which is ideal for those that want added functionality but through their existing design.

WooThemes Membership Plan

Due to popularity in the marketplace, subscription options have seen an increase and a significant change in overall direction for the Woo team.

At this time, standard memberships cost a startup fee of $150 and $20 a month whereas developer memberships starts at $200 and runs a $25 a month fee (note: developer gives you access to many elements if you choose to change and modify the themes you’ve downloaded).

The overall benefits of the membership is full access to every theme on WooThemes which is very valuable if you’re launching new projects frequently. Or, need reliable WordPress designs.

Worthwhile Features

As you know, the look and feel of your website greatly matters in the world of online business and affiliate marketing. You must keep people stuck on your website long enough to cultivate a sale.

WooThemes delivers.

Notably, each theme from WooTheme is visually stunning but underneath the design is very well-written code. This adds immense flexibility when you’re in the dashboard.

Many plugins you find essential to operating a WordPress theme has been integrated in the Woo framework.

Some of the notable features found on most themes include:

  • Custom shortcodes
  • Sidebar manager
  • Custom navigation
  • Built-in SEO options
  • Backend theme options
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Auto-sizing thumbnails
  • Custom page templates

There are new themes added each month but this has gone a step further with added offerings such as WooCommerce, a robust eCommerce framework.

Additional options such as WooDojo, WooSlider, WooSidebars, and hundreds of plugins and add-ons create an endless variety for your website work.

Finally, support documentation and updates are readily done for the main, supported themes. This means you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll be vulnerable to older WordPress hacks or integration during an update.

What People are saying about WooThemes

The following are a few of the testimonials and feedback about WooThemes which should paint a better picture of what you may be getting yourself into.

WooThemes: In Review

Let’s get down to the brass tacks – whether WooThemes deserves your hard earned money.

The Good

  • An incredible, diverse selection of themes
  • A vibrant community and excellent support for feedback and suggestions
  • Very reasonable in membership pricing for such a wide selection of products

The Bad

  • Older themes don’t have much viability due to the aging (many have been discontinued)
  • The price could be slightly cheaper to warrant the purchase of a single theme
  • Some themes lack full plugin compatibility

The Bottom Line

WooThemes deserves the praise that it receives from the community. The expansive choice in themes opens an endless amount of possibility for your online projects. Each theme is very appealing to the eyes and has great support on the backend for making modifications (especially the shortcodes).

If you plan to become a major player in your market and keep users on your website than you want a WordPress theme that you can be proud of and WooThemes certainly delivers.

Despite some shortcomings, WooThemes is well worth the investment whether you need a flexible, elegant website or a theme to make your own.