The Weekend Warrior’s Guide to Saturday and Sunday

Why does it seem that everyone works the normal weekday schedule, then dips off the face of the Web once the weekend rolls around?

You’d imagine the weekend being one of the best times to get in touch with your community.

They have, after all, the days off.

They may have plans but they’ll feel a content void and turn to the Web for entertainment, no doubt.

So why not make the most of the weekend through your online business?

When others are relaxing, you could be leading the charge. You could be growing a community and spurring new sales with an hour of extra work.

What a +2 to Your Schedule Can Do

It’s likely adding the weekend to your work may not be all that appealing.

Especially if you’re doing a full-time commitment throughout the week.

However, keep these in mind and notice how easy they could be implemented:

  • You can create and schedule your posts (no need to actually work on sat/sun)
  • You can create a simple round-up or top list (something light and quick for readers)
  • You can cover an event or new product release (and catch that initial buzz)

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the weekend is casual.

People loosen up and most likely want something “light” and fluffy during some downtimes in their weekend plans.

On the flipside, there is the group of individuals that use their weekends for personal projects.

These types may not have time throughout the weekday to pursue a goal. This makes them especially valuable when conducting online business because they are seeking helpful content and, more importantly, products that will save time (since they’re so limited).

An hour of additional work (which could be done during the weekday) turns into an excellent opportunity to reach a content hungry market when other marketers slack off.

You’ll catch a buzz, fulfill a need, and may likely generate additional sales.

weekend marketing

The Weekend Marketing Guide (That Won’t Ruin Your Weekend)

The Web is 24/7.

It’s a double-edged sword however you look at it because you’re able to reach people, from all over the world, at any time of day but that also means people somewhat expect you to be available at any given moment.

In general, you will see a significant drop in website traffic during the weekends (just take a look at your Analytics).

But, do notice that people are visiting your website.

If you run a business, would you ignore those people?

Of course not – they’re potential customers!

You don’t need to develop a new content strategy for the weekend; copy & paste your workflow, add some flare and angle for the weekend crowd, and you’re in business.

Here are a few recommendations for what you could be doing on the weekends:

  • Utilize Q&A, resource lists, cover an event, or news for the weekend topic
  • Release freebies and other digital downloads for loyal followers during Saturday and Sunday
  • Post your plans, project status, or piece of content to your Facebook and Twitter feeds
  • Update an older piece of content, download, or campaign and get the word out
  • Write a short review of a product that has caught your eye over the last week

Don’t spend more than an hour or two to work on these items because it’s just as important that you have free time on the off days; it goes a long way for mental health and avoiding burn out.

With that being said, here are some specifics (workflow) using that one-hour timeframe:

  • Outline and grab your resources/affiliate link for the topic/product you’re covering
  • Knock down the introduction and closing statements
  • Off-and-on, come back and work on each of the main sub-sections of the post
  • Grab some nice images, maybe a video, or embed an infographic
  • Schedule (if you did this the night before) or publish the article
  • Update your social media content and do a one-off, broadcast email to your list
  • Come back in an hour or two to answer a few comments

Here’s the good part: Get in touch with the individuals that respond and share your content.

The people reading, commenting, and sharing the content should go into their own list of “weekend warriors”.

You’re creating a segment from your weekday crowd which will be extremely valuable if you continue to do regular updates on the weekend. You can fall on these people to get the word out. And, you can create rapport with them since they’ll fall within that “casual” and “weekend marketing” types.

Weekend Marketing and Sales for Owners and Content Creators

Last but not least…

Use the weekend to spur extra sales if you sell information products.

The core strategy is flash sales.

Ecommerce companies love doing this. They’ll have super short sales (sometimes just a few hours) and stir up their community into a frantic scramble to jump on these exclusive deals.

Think of it as a micro Black Friday or Cyber Monday – whenever they want.

You’ll benefit greatly if you have a product of your own to sell.

Affiliate promotions can do the trick when you leverage your authority.

For product owners:

  • Create a coupon or special pricing for one of your products (a very, very steep discount).
  • Setup an alternative sales/product page that will house the copywriting and cart link.
  • Contact your closest business associates and ask for a simultaneous promotion.
  • Go live, create a sense of scarcity, and promote through social media an email.

Stick to your word and take down the offer the moment time expires even if you’re doing an incredible volume of sales; the goal is to generate additional income on those that have been on the fence about your product but also get it into the hands of individuals that may do reviews, link back, and build buzz around your brand.

For product promoters:

  • Plan ahead and contact a product/service owner to see if they’re running a sale.
  • Create a mini review, email sales letter, and prepare your social media posts.
  • Post your content, send the email, and start a dialog with your community.
  • On the side, start a contest to win a few copies of the product/service.

You may find it difficult to sway a product owner to create a deeply discounted sale but there are always big promotions from many products and services offering an affiliate program.

One example is regular holiday sales by web hosting companies; it’s great commissions during irresistible offers.

Your weekend can do these quick promotions especially if you’re targeting that segmented list of weekend followers.

Will You Battle the Weekend?

Over 1,000+ words to convince you to market on the weekend – I think you get the point, right?

When others have their feet up on the table, kicking back and relaxing during the weekend, you could be leading the charge. An hour of your time could become a moment of reinvigoration in your business ventures; you’ll connect, kick up sales, and stand-out.

Try weekend marketing sometime soon. It can’t hurt.