The Website Traffic Checklist: More Visitors, Shares, and Sales

We’ve created a website traffic checklist.

We could go on-and-on about different traffic generation strategies – explaining each – but you’re a busy person. In fact, you may know how it’s done… it’s the timing and routine that’s the hard part.

This website traffic checklist is to streamline your ability to reach the 3+ billion people using the Web.

Follow (and check) each of these and you’ll get more visitors, likes, shares, and sales.


Site Traffic Checklist


The’s Website Traffic Checklist

Does this contain every traffic generation strategy? No.

You’d spend too many hours trying to do them all.

You’d feel stretched and likely neglect content creation, promotion, and community building. We see this happen quite often, frankly. There’s some new, hot traffic generation strategy and website owners hop right on it… abandoning what works for promises of huge traffic spikes.

What happens when you stretch too thin? You get a website traffic drop.

This website traffic checklist aims to create stability with organic and social visitors. It keeps you aligned with the best practices that won’t punish you from SEO-shaking Google updates. You won’t worry about Google algorithm changes if you choose to follow the items we’ve included.

The website traffic checklist includes the key areas to more visitors and sales:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Content creation and promotion
  • Social media marketing
  • Link building and outreach

We believe these are the cornerstones for growing organic traffic. Stick to these and you’ll avoid the common reasons why websites fail. Sound like a plan? Check it out below.


Website Traffic Checklist


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A Quick Summary of the Website Traffic Checklist Items

We’re not going into extreme detail about each of the items on our site traffic checklist. But, it’s good to know a few to reaffirm how and why you’re doing each. These traffic generation checklist items aren’t terribly complex; doing them once is enough to solidify your understanding of building overall traffic.

Search Engine Optimization

Our main items include:

  • On-page SEO
  • Usability

Most of the on-page SEO is done during the blog setup though it’s important to craft each page to include main and secondary keywords in the title, headers, body, and meta. Don’t neglect image optimization, either. Then, work on refining the piece as it matures and times change.

Content Creation & Promotion

Our main items include:

  • Purpose
  • Branding

The title and intro should have a nice hook to attract and convince. Whereas, multimedia gives them a visual ‘break’ while also working to keep them scrolling down. The content? Make it long. Include call-outs to encourage visitors to act whether that’s sharing the post or converting on an offer. Always create content for an intended persona while using your brand voice.

Social Media Marketing

Our main items include:

  • Sharing
  • More sharing

You should create a step-by-step process for sharing across your own social media channels. This would include posting it to the channels but also pulling snippets for repeat opportunities to share specific segments of the piece. Be sure to add hashtags and @’s to boost exposure.

Link Building & Outreach

Our main items include:

  • Swapping or paying for resources
  • Getting influencers involved

You’ve done stellar work on the big, blog post. Great! Get it building links by having webmasters and bloggers swap resources by replacing dead links or adding it to their weekly/monthly roundup. Work with influencers, in your network, to draw attention (increasing the chance of links).


Make Your Own Website Traffic Checklist (and a Quick, Final Word)

You should consider this website traffic checklist as a template. Your site, audience, and intentions are likely different from our own. Adapt the checklist to include content strategies, social efforts, and all other key components tailored to your routine and goals.

You could create your own site traffic checklist with the following resources:

We hope our checklist puts you one step closer to creating a streamlined approach to traffic generation. We’re sure you’ll find things to add or remove. Yet, it should cover your basic, traffic needs.

We’d love to hear what you’d add to the list!

Comment and share to help other webmasters and bloggers get the traffic they want (and deserve).