Valentine’s Day for Affiliates: Swoon for these Lovely Offers

Valentine’s Day, February 14th, means many Web users will take to online research and shopping to find the perfect gift for their loved ones.

According to the LA Times, men apparently spend about $169 during the big day between:

  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Sweets

…and other lovely gifts.

V-Day was expected to show over $17 billion in purchases – quite a chunk of change and certainly something to take into consideration when you’re an affiliate.

We’re doing the work for you.

In this post, we’ll go through some of the potential gifts you could promote in your business during the holiday and a few additional strategies for bolstering your search traffic for the quick wins.

The Best Gifts for Valentine’s Day (as an Affiliate)

Valentine’s Day goes a bit traditional in the gift giving department so if you’ve participated before then you already know a great number of potential offers.

However, let’s go through the gamut of promotional opportunities because there may have been a few you skipped.

  • Flowers – An easy gift that’s synonymous with the holiday where some go on the lower end but the big arrangements can bring in big commissions.
  • Chocolate – Forgot the boxed goods at the local store and get people to go for the luxurious chocolates that are a real treat.
  • Wine – You’ll have to check with regulations in your area but there are many online wine retailers that will see a nice bump during V-Day which means you’re going for the ride.
  • Jewelry – If you can bag this class of gift than you’re going to pick up some nice commissions (for her: necklaces, rings, etc – for him: watches, cuffs, etc)
  • Lingerie – V-Day night is going to be sensual and a lot of couples will go for sexy clothing this time of the year.
  • Gadgets – This is starting to be a thing because let’s be honest, who wants flowers when you could get a cool gizmo?
  • Events – Give people some ideas on events like a play, opera, festivals, and more.

If you really want to do a deep search for gifts than you could also dip over to those V-Day related gift sites but here’s something new to try: Pinterest search.

There are tons of new pins for Valentine’s Day which will give you a nice selection to run with during your promotions.


  • Men want watches, beer, gadgets, and food
  • Women want flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and relaxation

Not to keep it all stereotypical but it usually boils down to a few common items.

Of course, you could try a 180 and go with gifts that are quirky and unique (this takes a bit of extra time to compile but could give you a very unique angle – such as going for “geek” gifts or “gifts for photographers on …”).

Easy Valentine’s Day Promotional Strategies

Holidays are the easiest to promote because people generally search for the same type of content.

Here are a few things you should consider putting together on the 14th:

  • A “best” gifts list
  • Reviews of the trendy items
  • A “how to take care of …” type post
  • Run a  promoted post on Facebook
  • Run a few advertising spots on other preferred networks

Generally, people are just looking for gift ideas so the list post works best but you could go the extra mile by tailoring a few reviews for the items you’re sharing on the list. Write out reviews on the items or just send it off for a freelancer to knock it down. Adding in the bonus review content will help the page gain extra traction in search engines and feed your social profiles.

On a related note: you can branch your lists into multiple categories (men, women, grandparents, etc) and also by price ($10, $20, $50, etc) which will give you plenty of content to work with.

The other angle could be something such as “take care of …” which insinuates how to properly approach Valentine’s Day for the reader where, instead of the list, you take them through a romantic day/date idea which is peppered with (promoted) suggestions for day spas, restaurants, vacations, and the likes.

As you could expect, running a few advertising and promoted campaigns will certainly do the trick for getting the content pieces found.

You know people will jump onto the social networks to proclaim their love — go out and build that presence and awareness.

Affiliate Programs & Networks for V-Day

First, take a look through your existing affiliate network for potential promotions to go out on Valentine’s Day; next, have a look at the following which will give you a great starting point (and don’t forget to check their main competitors by doing a few searches in Google).

  • Amazon Associates which has pretty much every gift you can imagine and then some.
  • 1800Flowers which will take care of … well … flowers.
  • Zales has an affiliate program if you’re going for the jewelry promotions.
  • Omaha Steaks would suffice for food.

Go ahead and look through our affiliate program directory or use our guide to finding products that sell.

It’s going to be a big day for many couples and individuals – they’re going to drop some serious cash on gifts – get started today if you want to catch that wave this Valentine’s Day.