How to Use UberSuggest to Generate Endless Blog Post Ideas

I recently stumbled across a new tool that is changing the way I develop ideas for blog posts.

The tool: UberSuggest.

This tool is like Google Instant Search on steroids.

It allows you to plug in a keyword (or phrase) and then it gives you a populated list of various Google Instant Search results.

The power comes from the fact that these are common keywords and phrases that people are searching which means they’re highly valuable.

The best part?

By doing a little bit of research you can find hundreds of topics for blog posts that aren’t really being covered in your niche (or at least not worded the way people are trying to find them).

How to Use the UberSuggest Tool

I think it’s safe to say you’re already coming up with ideas for using the tool. Mainly, the ability to generate an endless amount of blog post ideas.

I recently began using this tool for a small content marketing campaign and it’s already delivered some great results.

Here is what I’d suggest:

1. Plug in the keywords/phrases you plan to cover

2. Take note of ideas you haven’t thought of before

3. Do a search for these search terms/phrases and scope the competition

4. Input the competitors into an SEO evaluation tool and measure the potential for success

5. Rework the keywords/searches to sound human (and add additional long-tail elements)

6. Write the content

Due to the freshness update, it seems that you don’t even really need to go all out in writing content for these searches since a lot of the results are very generic or perhaps linking to a subsection of a post.

I would suggest hiring a freelance writer to knock down little 500 word articles related to the list you’ve created using the tool. This way you can pump out fresh content for the community and gain an advantage in the search results by matching a users’ exact search phrase.

Will You Try UberSuggest?

I believe the tool speaks for itself.

Google has given us a great opportunity to peer into the search habits of its users but it only gives us so much. UberSuggest, on the other hand, unlocks all of that creative force. I highly recommend giving this tool a shot if you’re in need of developing content for your blog.