Website Traffic Generation: 10 Ways to Get Visitors Fast

Is the online community treating your site like a lingering fart?

They catch wind of your work and immediately do a 180?

All that hard effort building it — with nothing to show.

Wouldn’t it be great if your website traffic generation started working within moments of trying the strategy?

You considered those traffic exchanges or sat, pondering how to get free traffic to your affiliate link… but everything you were finding looked fishy. Good on you for noticing since most of that “free” traffic would have been bots or click farms.

The traffic you want needs substance.

You know… people that aren’t going to buy anything.

We’ve got something good for you…

We’ve put together a set of instant traffic generation hacks… so you can start seeing targeted visitors coming to your site within moments of doing the actions.

Traffic Generation Tip #1: Tweet It

Don’t have a Twitter? Get one.

  1. Log in to Twitter
  2. Write an engaging tweet
  3. Add the URL
  4. Insert a few hashtags

That’s it.

Here’s what it would look like:

You might not have a Twitter following – that’s okay – because using hashtags will help get it to interested parties. What hashtags should you use? Tag the nouns or industry terms you were targeting with your content. It would look something like this: Here’s how to get instant #website #traffic: URL.

Traffic Generation Tip #2: Link It (on LinkedIn)

There are 467 million LinkedIn users (as of Q3 2016 via Statista).

You can bet your butt there’s an audience for you there.

It’s easy:

  1. Go to your LinkedIn feed (
  2. Write a catchy blurb about the article
  3. Paste the URL
  4. Post

It goes like this:

Otherwise, you could join LinkedIn Groups dedicated to topics related to your site. Use the Search function on LinkedIn along with main keywords. Click on Groups. Join ones which are relevant. Then, share the post with the group (if it’s part of the group’s promotional guidelines, of course).

Traffic Generation Tip #3: Get People (Close to You) Sharing It

Your friends have social media accounts.

Put ‘em to work.

This instant traffic hack is dead-simple:

  1. Compose an email to your closest friends/associates
  2. Write that you’d like them to share a link on their feeds
  3. Thank them if they do (or don’t)

It’s easy-peasy:

Email Alert

We wouldn’t recommend doing it too frequently – don’t test their patience – keep it for those big pieces. We generally have friends interested in similar topics. The content you create probably aligns with their interests, anyway. Wouldn’t hurt to try. Plus, it’ll boost the social reach which could start a compounding effect on it being shared.

Traffic Generation Tip #4: Pin It

Pinterest isn’t all crafts, fashion, and hobbies.

You have ½ of what you need for a good Pinterest pin, already.

The rest is just:

  1. Create an attractive, vertical image (736 x 1104)
  2. Add some attractive copy (i.e. nice fonts)
  3. Write a detailed description
  4. Pin

The process takes mere moments:

Pinterest is powerful for instant traffic generation (if you’re adding some creativity to the mix). The image does half the work. A lot of people share out of habit. The pin should give you a nice, instant bump in traffic. Otherwise, you could reshare it on your other social platforms (double dipping!).

Traffic Generation Tip #5: Put it on Facebook

Of course, you have an account… post it.

Got a business page? Even better. Get it on there.

FB will give you instant traffic wins:

  1. Write a catchy blurb (share a benefit, quote, or solve a problem)
  2. Include the URL (then delete it after FB fills in the post)
  3. Change the image if you want (see this guide)
  4. Tweak the headline so it’s catchy and fits on one line
  5. Do the same for the description

Boom. Pow. Done.

You could join Facebook groups related to your market and industry, too. Just search for keywords and interests and sort the results by groups. Some are instant invites while others need permissions. Check the self-promotion guidelines (some only let you share certain days). Then, have at it.

Traffic Generation Tip #6: Push it to Your List

Don’t have an email list? Start one.

If you do, then write an email and send it to your list.

The traffic hack goes like this:

  1. Log in to your email marketing service provider
  2. Select to create a single email to the list
  3. Write a super catchy headline and body copy about what you’re sharing
  4. Include the link
  5. Remind people to click and share the post

You can do this for every piece of content you publish. Though, like with emailing friends/associates, it’s probably best to hold off until it’s the best stuff. Otherwise, you could always divide the list and send the update only to those wanting daily updates – yeah, that’ll work!

Traffic Generation Tip #7: Get It on Reddit

Reddit will probably eat you up and spit you out for doing self-promotion.

But… go for it anyway if you think the content is great.

Do this:

  1. Create a Reddit account
  2. Spend some time building your karma by commenting on new posts
  3. Find subreddits related to your topics (use Google: Reddit + Topic or this list)
  4. Use a catchy headline, include the link, sit back and hope it works

Reddit doesn’t like self-promotion but then it kind of does, too. See, they like it when it’s something good, helpful, or unique. So, make sure it’s worthwhile. Else, you could always include your link as part of a response when joining discussions and answering questions in your niche.

Traffic Generation Tip #8: Answer Someone on Quora

Oh Quora, a couple of years ago you were the biggest thing online.

Today? It’s still going strong but not as exciting.

It’s still a great way to get some instant traffic and strong authority, though.

Quora Traffic

Quora traffic is straight-forward:

  1. Sign up (fill in profile)
  2. Find questions related to your content topic
  3. Answer the question and link to your post

You can scale your efforts by following people (and getting followed back). This way they’ll receive an update when you answer questions which may send them to the link, too. If people think it’s a good answer (and find it helpful) it’ll rise up – giving you good, on-going traffic if it’s a hot question.

Traffic Generation Tip #9: Do It all again but on Instagram

Instagram? Pinterest? Snapchat? Facebook? Same thing nowadays.

IG will follow the same process (if you have an account… which you should).

  1. Add an eye-catching image (don’t have one? Use these free photo sites)
  2. Add a bunch of tags (topics and people)

Get creative with your use of Instagram. Add some emojis or tell a neat story. Find a way to integrate the content (and link), naturally, through visual storytelling. Increase your reach by following people in your industry or funnel people to follow your IG from other social platforms. Rinse. Repeat.

Traffic Generation Tip #10: Remember Google+?

Yeah, the social network Google pushed on us that’s still around (for whatever reason).

It may be worth your while to give it another go.

  1. Log into your G+ account
  2. Write a nice, compelling blurb
  3. Insert the URL
  4. Publish

Annnnd, like this:

It won’t get as much play as the other traffic generation techniques. But hey, for a minute of work, you could get it out to a bunch of people that may reshare it and visit the page. Eventually, it’ll make its way to your desired audience (the ones that’ll buy). Plus, it’s always good to have quality social signals. You could also use Google+ communities to get the action going, too.

A Couple Other Traffic Tips Worth Mentioning

What about the others? The overlooked social platforms. Or, popular social channels like forums, live chats, Slack/Discord, and stuff? Well, get on there, too. Create a good profile for yourself, mingle with the community, and drop in a link from time to time.

Like anything: Your Mileage May Vary.

You’ll do one better if you take some time to build real relationships with people on these channels. This is done through a mix of great conversations, helpfulness, and stellar content. It won’t seem like much if you only have a couple followers – but they may be passionate – waiting for that next share.

A Better Way to Get Traffic Done

It’s worth mentioning: Sumo

Sumo is that tool that’ll add social sharing to your site. It’ll give you pop-ups to help grow your email list. It’s that industry-favorite that’ll make better images. It’s just… awesome.

You can try it for free… or pay a whopping $29/mo for all the goodies.

Try it. Get more traffic.

It’s just like that.

Quick Words then We’re Out

It’s always nice when you get a quick bump in visitors from doing some of the traffic generation techniques.

Is it good traffic though? That depends.

It’s like we were mentioning (multiple times)… you have to build relationships.

Real connections.

Yes, you’ll get some quick traffic and some of those visitors may convert. Some of them may share and help build the traffic, too. But, also think of the late game. Make traffic generation a process where you’re doing each of these whenever a post goes live.

Alright, you heard enough. You know what to do.


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