Top 5 Job Affiliate Program Offers

Online job websites are some of the fastest growing areas of the Web.

As more and more job seekers discover the tools and resources available online, the popularity of these sites continues to surge.

This hot market presents an excellent opportunity for affiliate marketers.

Adding some of the top job affiliate program offers to your website is an excellent way to monetize your site and provide a valuable service to your readers at the same time.

With so many options available, how can you determine which are the best?

The following top five job affiliate offers stand out above the rest in terms of what they can provide both to affiliate partners and online consumers.

If you are considering job affiliate programs, be sure to check out these possibilities.


Some of the most popular affiliate offers include job listings, resume listings and application referrals. The job affiliate program provided by gives marketers that opportunity to promote all of these offers. Other benefits include:

-Free sign-up
-Fifty cents for every referred job application
-A 13 percent commission for every job posting referred via your links
-Monthly payouts and tracking managed by Commission Junction


As one of the most recognized and trusted career websites, the job affiliate program is a great choice for marketers looking for offers with considerable consumer appeal. The huge database of job listings, resources, and other great features make this a great choice for virtually any career-based website.

-Free tools, banners and other resources
-An impressive 17 percent referral fee for all job postings, resume access and other purchases
-Fifty cent referral fee for each new sign-up


The affiliate programs gives marketers the opportunity to earn money every time refer a new sign-up to the site. Because the site features millions of job listings, your viewers will be eager to take advantage of this excellent job resource. Other benefits include:

-The largest selection of job offers on the Web
-Earn $10 for every new member you refer
-Reliable tracking and payouts managed by Commission Junction


The affiliate program is one of the most popular job affiliate programs available. Affiliates can earn money every time they refer a new job posting or resume to the site. The program pays an impressive 20 percent commission of every sale for each new job posting purchased via your referral links. Other benefits include:

-One dollar for every resume posted through your affiliate links
-Great consumer appeal
-An excellent selection of job listing and opportunities


This great niche job affiliate program is a perfect match for any website devoted to educational issues. As a recognized resource for K-12 teachers, administrators, and other school officials, offers plentiful opportunities for affiliates to promote offers to an eager audience. Benefits of the program include:

-Access to one of the largest online educational career databases
-An amazing commission rate of 40 percent of every sale you generate
-A second-tier referral fee for signing up new affiliates

With so much potential for success, job affiliate offers are difficult to pass up.

If you are looking for a great match for your education, career, or professional website, consider one of these top job affiliate programs to offer your audience the best possible selection of services and career opportunities.