Black Friday and Cyber Monday: An Affiliate Guide

Online commerce during Black Friday was projected at $3.34 billion according to Adobe Digital. Cyber Monday, in contrast, had topped $3.45 billion. These two retail holidays attribute to nearly 1/3rd of the total retail spend throughout the year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are when most individuals are doing their holiday shopping meaning it’s one of the most important sales periods for an affiliate marketer. Here’s how to make major affiliate commissions during these retail holidays. (more…)

Gobble Up These Easy Thanksgiving Affiliate Promotions

Thanksgiving typically ranks one or two on “most popular holidays” lists. It's a holiday people spend big bucks on food and decoration... but that's not all. The holiday falls on November 23rd (2017) which gives you plenty of time to begin affiliate campaigns and promotions. There are many worthy holiday items that will boost your affiliate commissions. Let this be your guide for easy Thanksgiving affiliate promotions. (more…)

St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Strategy: A Golden Opportunity

Why should you bother with St. Patrick's Day affiliate marketing and promotions? Well... Considering Americans spent an estimated $4.7 billion dollars for this holiday should give you a start. Wait... what?! Indeed. There's big money to be made during St. Patrick's Day. Positioning your affiliate marketing just right can have you discovering the pot o' gold. This post will give you the St. Patrick's Day affiliate marketing strategies, suggestions, and resources to make the most of the fun-filled holiday. Notable Events for St. Patty's Day Promo I want to begin by covering a few of the notable events that happen during...

Cyber Monday Niche Blueprint: Earn on the Biggest Online Shopping Day

Last year, according to Huffington Post, over $1.5 billion was spent during Cyber Monday. Now, that’s not nearly as much as you’d find during Black Friday. This continues to grow as more and more people become aware of the deals that happen the Monday after. One of the biggest benefits of creating an affiliate niche website around Cyber Monday, as compared to the others, is that you can continue to operate this website during the off-months because it can transition to regular sales if you angle it correctly. Creating great lists/round-ups, building an email list, and gaining social followers will...

The Black Friday Niche Blueprint

Black Friday, one of America’s largest shopping days, happens on November 29th. Last year, an estimated $59 billion was spent which can tell you that this is a prime opportunity to earn some big affiliate wins. Creating a niche affiliate site centered around Black Friday is a little difficult considering the steep competition but thanks to niching you can find great opportunities and success if you position yourself as the expert and put in the time to get it ranked. You still have plenty of time to get things started but the sooner, the better. The following will provide you...

Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas (Better Than Turkey Sandwiches)

The majority of businesses close up shop during the Thanksgiving holiday. We’re also seeing a trend where the Wednesday and Friday have become part of this time off in recent years (let’s consider it “work creep” since not a whole lot is going on during this week). Where businesses are taking their lovely time off – you could be leading the charge. (more…)