Stay Up Late: Finding Time for Your Side Gig

The Web never sleeps.

This very moment, even if you’re off into la-la land, people are visiting your website, absorbing your message, and considering the purchase of your affiliate products.


They’re active on social media networks asking questions.

… and sharing content

… and engaging one another.

You may be the type that calls it quits once it hits that 5 o’ clock hour.

Something lingers in your mind though.

It’s knowing that potential affiliate sales may come through at the wee hours of the morning — it’s questioning if you should stay up late and work.

Stay Up Late

More importantly:

While others are sleeping, you could be working on your business – something few do when it’s past their bed time.

In this article, I’ll be giving you a handful of reasons for staying up late to lurk — by the end, you’ll make a definitive decision on whether or not to spend that extra hour to get things done.


The 24/7, 365 Mentality (aka Your Content is Your Product)

The Web will only continue to grow at an exponential rate.

Each day:

More and more content is added.

Discussions are started.

Products and services make their debut.

You may be slightly overwhelmed by the sheer mass in size the Web presents but our growing, connected global world means each passing day comes ripe with business opportunity.

The 24/7/365 mindset isn’t something we have, as humans, when we’re born.

We are very much accustomed to having a start and stop to our day but our connections to the Web allows us to constantly represent ourselves even when we’re not active.

The point I’m trying to make is that our website, its content, and our message becomes an autonomous entity.

Content as a Product

Each piece of content you produce becomes a never ending source of lead generation.

An information product may be sold at any hour of the day. Messages can be scheduled. Campaigns can be promoted without continuous fine tuning.

To stay up late means you’re able to add to your sleepless marketing campaigns.

Each additional piece of work you complete adds to your assets.

You may be asleep but people continue to find your message, buy products, and promote your brand. Turning in early means you’re missing these opportunities to connect with the rest of the world (not just us in the West).

Next time you start work, remember that it’s out there – forever.

Every piece of information you push to the web is like a sales person working tirelessly to promote and sell your message. The extra time you put in, each night by staying up late, recruits another “sales person” to your affiliate marketing team – allow that to sink in.


Do What Others Do Not (By Refusing to Stop when You can Taste Your Success)

Business is like the Autobahn.

You have those that play it safe and drive on the right side but there are also the wild individuals that go top speed.

Driving at night

At some point, people have to get off the highway but you don’t.

You could go the extra mile; when everyone is off, you’re still chugging along getting that much closer to your goal.

Cheesy analogy aside, putting in the extra time at night gives your business an edge within your industry because many have already tuned out their customers simply because they’ve closed their operations.

You don’t need to pull an all-nighter like the old college days.


It may be worth your while to spend a night or two burning the midnight oil to complete a few projects.

Being able to ship just a few days ahead of your competition not only means you have extra time on the market but the release means your business be the one to gain the buzz and excitement of the community.

It’s much like a news report – the agency that leaks the news before any others is often the one to get the media attention.

Let your competitors sleep.

These late hours of the night means you can snipe and pick off their community one-by-one.

It all adds up.


The “Wind Down” could be the “Ramp Up” and that means actually launching

Creativity sits in pockets of stress and delirium.

Don’t believe me?

Next time you’re getting droopy eyed and readying to pass out on your keyboard, begin writing ideas down.

These ideas will flow and though they may sound outlandish – they’re quite unique.

There are many of us that get a second wind later into the night. It’s this night time where we find our creative kick and when we should work. Instead of trying to “wind down”.

Explore your creativity rather than stifle it.

Make great use of these extra moments late at night when your brain begins to wander and think of remarkable ideas. Your body may be screaming that it needs sleep but your mind is still at work.

You don’t need to actually do these items at these late hours, just write down the ideas.

In terms of social media, you’ll be engaging with others that are relaxed and free flowing at the later hours.

Social media becomes very casual once the work day is over and it’s these moments when you can talk one-to-one without needing to save face and be professional.

A casual conversation could lead to a meeting of the minds.

From here…

You could find yourself in a very lucrative position.

One where these night owls come to your site to buy some products.

Or at least get back in touch during the day to open up some affiliate marketing ventures and opportunities.


There’s a Whole World Out There (How Can You Not Be Excited to Stay Up Late?)

The world doesn’t revolve around the western Internet.


It’s easy to forget


Websites are started each and every day, all around the world…

…Many of which are the dominant players in their respective countries.

There’s no reason not to cater to the outside world especially with free translation tools.

You must see your affiliate marketing business as a global brand.

global brand

Your message may not cross every culture but it will certainly reach the right type of people seeking your information. The wee hours of the morning means most of the World is just signing on.

Being able to reach these people — especially on social mediums — means you’re expanding well beyond the limits of the West.

Why not go further?

Why not hire an individual that’s on the other side of the globe to help with your business and its marketing?

You could hire virtual assistant to:

  • Publish new content
  • Respond to the community
  • Build links
  • Manage your marketing campaigns

All while you’re asleep.

You bring your business to full-time where there is always someone there to respond.

People are far more likely to place authority and trust in a brand that’s active.

This goes doubly true if the response meets the individuals that stay up late.


One Hour Probably Won’t Kill Ya (But We’re Not Doctors so don’t Quote Us)

Though it’s advised that you get a full eight hours of sleep – we’re all different.

Some of us function incredibly well with just a few hours each night.

Others need well beyond the core amount.

Prolonged sleep deprivation and uneven sleep schedules will throw off your rhythm.



A few days pounding out at a big project could be what sets you a part from the crowd.

The extra hour could tie up the loose ends.

You could use this time to:

  • Dig into your analytics to mine important data
  • Write up the next email blast
  • Tweak your web design
  • Create the next set of tasks to your virtual assistant
  • Schedule a few social media updates for the remainder of the week

And so forth.

Even if you do just one extra hour every few days — you’re still pulling out a solid part time of work dedicated to your projects. Compound these extra hours and you’re growing your potential by leaps and bounds.


If you find you have an extra hour that would otherwise go to passive media (like watching TV), put it to good work!

So go have your sleep if you want but know that there are many of us out there getting an edge with our work because we make the occasional sacrifice to our sleep.


What would YOU work on if you stayed up a little later each night?