Start a Side Hustle while Working a 9-to-5 (How-To)

Holding a 9-to-5 has its benefits like stability but if you were to start a side hustle… now we’re talkin’!

9-to-5’s mean we’re trading time for money.

In the long run, it often keeps us from exploring our true potential for entrepreneurship.

Coming home from a long day of work can have you zapped on energy.

You just want to veg out in front of the T.V. and relax.

Don’t …

Those hours of your afternoon could get placed toward building your legacy.

You could start a side hustle, instead.

Here’s what you need to know …

Developing Your Approach to Start a Side Hustle

People wanting to get into the game of affiliate marketing place too much time and energy trying to find a profitable niche.

Yes, your niche selection is crucial if you plan to do anything other than just rattle off your knowledge of a topic.


The main point we’re trying to make is that it’s just as important to start as it is to plan for success.

Planning can take weeks, months, and even years of your time which could be placed toward actually building your online presence, products, and income.

What truly matters, when you’re getting a start in a side-hustle, is that you begin with something that you find interesting and hold a passion.

Why? Well, you’ll never get it right the first time.

Building a side hustle based on passion and interest allows you to feel motivated to give this industry a true run for its money. You’ll take an interest in what you’re doing and each sign of success will drive you toward a higher level of level and understanding of what needs to be done to turn the project into a profitable venture.

In essence: Your best bet at starting a side hustle is one that captures your attention so it feels less like an extra job (tacked on your already busy schedule).

It’s the focus that matters.

Using Fire and Passion to Launch the Idea

Sit down sometime this week (preferably tonight) and write down a top five list of the items you feel most knowledgeable about – and those items which hold your interest.

  • Is this something you could do for many years to come?
  • How many people seek out this information?
  • Could you write about it with relative ease?

These are some very important questions you’ll want to answer as they will help align your goals with what makes the most sense when getting started.

For example: If you were an accountant than you’d be very knowledgeable in the industry which allows you to start a side hustle around your expertise but you may want to explore the topics which are restricted at your business – there’s a TON of opportunity to take this existing skill and turn it into something worthwhile.

Run the ideas by your most trusted friends and family members; see what they have to say about your ideas but don’t allow their input to completely validate your actions – use it as a method to get the ball rolling but then turn to the web (and market research tools) to see if there’s a market for what you have to offer.

Here is what you’d do (in a nutshell):

1. Write out your ideas, topics, interests, and passions

2. Validate the idea by checking the market

3. Hone on one of these ideas that show the most promise

4. Collect and compile every bit of information you have about the said topic

It’s at this point where you’ll start to feel the real passion for the side hustle because you’ll have seen that it has real potential to become a viable project.

Side Hustle

Creating the (Online) Foundation for Your Success

We have previously covered how to start a blog but we’ll take a moment to highlight the primary elements:

1. Purchase a domain name that’s relevant to what you have to offer

2. Purchase and set up the website hosting to that domain

3. Install WordPress and an attractive theme

4. Populate the basic pages of your site

5. Begin creating valuable content

6. Share and promote your work on social media

7. Connect and network with other business-types in your industry

That’s it. It’s not complicated to get it all started if you have the drive to get to the market. There are many tutorials, services, and freelancers willing to lend aid in getting your website setup so don’t put it off any longer.

Next, you’ll want to work your way through our guide to finding products that sell.

The guide will share how to do proper research in your niche, find the right program and products, and get them out there so you can earn an affiliate commission.

Find a product that sells. Promote it. Convert visitors. Rinse. Repeat.

The Profitable Actions You Need to Do

The brainstorming and setup (of the site) are the two easiest elements of starting the side hustle – – it’s the actions you take, afterward, that warrants the effort.

Just having a website and a trickle of affiliate income may be exciting within itself but there is so much more you could do to really turn this into something BIG.

Here are a few actions we’d recommend:

  • Develop a product – Become an authority in your niche by creating an information product. You’ll have the ability to earn passive sales and stand out in your industry.
  • Explore new media – Give YouTube, podcasting, infographics, and other media formats a try so you can expand your reach and earn from different sources which have revenue share.
  • Go local – Take the necessary legal actions to turn an online service into a business you could operate within your community. Working online is great but never forget the amount of money flowing through your backyard.

Colliding passion and big goals will have you rabid for trying new and exciting strategies to grow your side hustle. Every action you take will feel worthwhile to yourself and the business. You’ll find it worthwhile to reinvest your 9-to-5 income into growing the business.

Turn that time you’d spend in front of the T.V. building a side hustle that could surpass your job’s income; turn it into a passion project – love every minute of it … even if the first attempt doesn’t work out the way you foresee because remember, it’s just as important that you get the start so you can learn than to twiddle your thumbs wishing to escape the cubicle.

A Quick Story (Then, Onward You Go)

I tend to avoid talking about my personal projects but I believe it could give you a great idea of how things can get started.

I got my start working with an ecommerce company (prior I had been working on my own projects) but it was my work there where I was able to explore bigger opportunities to learn and develop my skills. In time, I started covering these topics on my blog and it was through that which I learned the basics of blogging and online marketing. I then took that knowledge I applied to my personal blog and began exploring niche industries which have shown a great return for my efforts.

I would have never got a start in this industry if I didn’t take the time in my afternoon to build a presence and explore the industry.

The point of the story is that things take time but it’s about just going with the flow – it’s finding something you enjoy teaching and then applying what you have learned about building a community and online presence and placing it toward profitable ventures.

Yes, you CAN do it while you’re holding down a day job.

A few hours, each night can have a substantial impact on growing your business. The more success you see in your efforts will naturally drive you toward spending more time with the project and then you’ll hit a tipping point where the project trickles in the money. Keep at it and it could turn into a full-time gig and it’s that moment when you become your own boss.

So, shut up, stop procrastinating, and just get out there and do it.