How to Cope with that “Scatterbrained” Feeling at Your Crucial Moment of Success

There will be a moment along the way toward your success that you’ll meet around the half-way mark.

It’s that moment when you’re just about to break into the industry but not everything is in the clear.

What I’m talking about is the tipping point.

This is the time when you have to give it your all and push harder than ever.

It’s that time when you’re almost at the top of the curve and need that tiny nudge to make it over and cruise on down to success.

What I’ve found, however, is that many people hit this tipping point moment and become scatterbrained – they can’t quite bring their work and ideas together, in a logical fashion, that gives them the nudge and so they eventually slide back to square one.

That Scatterbrained Feeling

There are a lot of factors as to why you’ll feel scatterbrained during crucial moments:

  • Job or relationship stress
  • Too much ego
  • Jealousy

Stress goes right to the top of the list because the amount of work required to reach the pre-tipping point is insanity. The amount of effort and drive required will put you at wit’s end and may cause stress on your personal relationships; an abundance of stress will cause burn out which will aid in a slow recess in your progression.

The second, to which I see often, comes about when there is too much ego. Business and site owners feel they are on top of their game – invincible – and this creates a false shroud of confidence. These egos are so over-inflated that they forgo doing the required tasks and valuable actions that keep them as the authority and, instead, rely on a false image.

Of course, jealousy is right up there, too.

It’s very easy to become jealous of the success found by others. A constant reminder of their success and your struggle will cause you to loath entire areas of your industry and niche. You begin to put up barriers and lose members of your community and business network.

In all – these start to build up throughout the entire time you’re working on projects and tasting success.

Those that can overcome these feelings will have the drive and motivation to push through to the top of the tipping point and ride their hard work into a prosperous future.

Strategies to cope with the Scatterbrain-ness

Hopefully, up to this point, I’ve helped you to identify with one of the toughest issues faced by entrepreneurs. Now I’d like to pose a few strategies to cope with the scatterbrained-ness (and hopefully aid in your ability to push on through to the other side):

  • Build a support network of close friends and business associates that will hold you accountable for your actions and give you a much-needed kick-in-the-rear when you begin to slack.
  • Consider outsourcing the monotonous parts of your projects that only cause you to focus on the busy work and prevent you from tackling the bigger, enjoyable selections.
  • Develop a simple to-do list that works for your type of workflow so you can achieve your goals by breaking your actions down into manageable chunks to which you can track.
  • Take a siesta from your work for a few days to clear your mind and revitalize your energy and passion for the work (just don’t let it extend too long).

Obviously I can’t make a decision as to which works best for you but hopefully, these will give you a few ideas as to ways to cope.

Find a friend to blabber your troubles, take some time off, and fix up that heavy work schedule – do just these three and you should get your head back into the game.