Recruit Affiliate Marketers: The Best Ways to Build Your In-house Program

What if you could recruit affiliate marketers and turn your best customers into an army of salespeople?

This isn’t some kind of foolery, it’s very possible by launching and operating an in-house affiliate program.

The chance for explosive earnings are already available – now comes the point where you need to recruit affiliate marketers.

In this article, you will learn several of the best ways to recruit affiliate marketers for your in-house affiliate program – let’s get started, shall we?

Suggestion #1: Start with the Brand Ambassadors

A ‘brand ambassador’ are those individuals that have fallen in love with your product, company, and services.

These are the people that openly talk about what you have to offer with no further “push” on your end. In many ways, you can see brand ambassadors as evangelicals for your brand.

With regards to recruiting affiliate marketers for In-house affiliate programs, start with these individuals as they are already aware of the full features, benefits and uses for your products or services. Recruiting your best and loyal customers will give these individuals an additional sense of pride as they are working hand-in-hand with a company they love all-the-while promoting a product they are completely behind.

People are automatically drawn to companies that reward their participation but the addition of earning real money for their devotion to the brand will easily get them on board to promote and market your products and services.

Suggestion #2: Create Fool-Proof Affiliate Training

Remember that the vast majority of individuals on the web aren’t entirely tech-savvy when it comes to affiliate marketing; it’s your job to educate them on how to get started but also stick with the program.

On the backend of your in-house affiliate program, try to provide the following training and resources:

  • Tutorial videos for first-time affiliate marketers
  • Email swipe files for individuals that own an email list
  • Banner advertisements for bloggers and website owners
  • Simple (but robust) affiliate tracking tools
  • Forums and additional support for affiliates to discuss strategies

Some of the best affiliate programs on the web are run very similarly to a separate business entity.

This provides constant support and resources to the affiliates as if they were full-time employees.

Focus on creating in-house training along with your affiliate program to ensure users understand the guidelines and strategies that best suit your product. Allow your affiliates to talk to one another to develop their own suggestions and strategies for promoting your products.

Suggestion #3: Tap into your Blog Network

Being a tech-savvy individual such as yourself, you’re more than aware of the idea of guest blogging for blogs within your relevant niche. Not only does guest blogging bring awareness to your business or website but it can become a tool for recruiting affiliates.

Here are a few suggestions for recruiting affiliates using the same methods of guest blogging for traffic:

  • Utilize your author byline to point toward your affiliate program
  • Share the benefits and features of your in-house program
  • Post on highly relevant blogs within your network and niche
  • Reach out to blog owners and offer higher tiered affiliate rewards for their commitment
  • Personally contact interested parties using reverse searching through blog commenting

Factoring the general reach of social networks, you could easily turn a dozen blog owners into super affiliates which then have the opportunity to turn their own readers into additional supporters.

Suggestion #4: Classic Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is far from dead in the online world; it’s still one of the most effective tools for recruiting affiliates for your business.

Some of the highest regarded platforms for promotions, at this time, include:

  • Facebook advertising
  • Google Adwords
  • Direct advertising
  • Cold calling & emailing

Use your current list of customers to reach out and start with hot leads; from there, branch out into the networks your customers frequent and try to always “be in their face” when it comes to brand awareness for your affiliate program.

Continually split test your ad copy to improve your conversions. Diversify the platforms you use to promote through paid advertising. Send each individual to a proper landing page which explains the benefits of joining your in-house affiliate program.

Suggestion #5: Attend Industry Events

Industry events are a hotbed for recruiting affiliates because, after all, individuals attending these events are within the same mindset of your business. Sure, there are competitors at the events but there are also hungry affiliates looking for great deals and opportunities to expand their affiliate income.

Use the web to find local and national industry events you’re willing to attend. Show up with business cards, swag and information regarding your business and the affiliate opportunities you have to offer.

When interacting with potential affiliates at events:

  • Introduce yourself, explain what you have to offer but let them do the majority of talking
  • Understand what elements of an affiliate program each individual requires and needs
  • Take notes on how you could improve your program by doing competitive research

The key to recruiting your in-house affiliates at events is to get individuals excited about the opportunities you have created all-the-while supporting their decision through previously mentioned bonuses such as affiliate training and being a brand ambassador.

Suggestion #6: Reward, Reward, Reward

Most affiliate programs are static in terms of revenue earnings, payout options, tiered pricing and support. Change the affiliate game by garnering your in-house program to reward individuals that produce greater revenue for your business.

One of the easiest options for obtaining and building super affiliates is to offer higher revenue share through tiered pricing. You could offer those that sell more units a greater percentage of the affiliate earnings which will give them additional incentive to push their affiliate marketing even further.

Additionally, provide prompt payments to your affiliates rather than waiting for a monthly payout. Give the option of same day or weekly payments for those that are known to perform. Prompt payments and higher earnings are sure-fire ways to recruiting affiliates but also gets buzz going about your program when these individuals talk to their friends and network.

Suggestion #7: Hire Affiliate Managers

No large affiliate program is complete without managers that handle the day-to-day operations and support for the affiliate program. These managers are the go-to individuals whenever there are problems, feedback or suggestions for the in-house program.

Managers are like head-hunters.

They specifically work to recruit individuals for affiliate programs but also tailor options for each individual that signs up. Affiliate managers are able to find plans that best suit the affiliates’ needs and wants which ultimately improves the overall earnings of both parties.

Use websites such as eLance, Freelancer, Guru or even hiring from within to build a small army of affiliate managers. Give each manager the flexibility to bring their own style to the table and reward each whenever they produce results.

Go, Recruit Those Affiliate Marketers!

In-house affiliate programs are a lucrative but difficult venture when operating a business.

On one hand, your business can earn higher revenue with the absence of affiliate networks ticking away their share of the affiliate earnings. On the other, you will need to learn and implement your own program which may require additional work and understanding on the day-to-day operations.

All-in-all, recruitment of in-house affiliates follow much of the same path as gaining website traffic with the exception that you’re turning would-be buyers into future salespeople.

Use the suggestions in this post to recruit your army; support your affiliates and push them to perform – it’s unlimited growth from this point forward.