How to Build Authority and Influence Through Brand Association

Ideas are everywhere; they’re spawned from even the slightest influence.

Distilling ideas into action form the basis of acquiring knowledge – you find an objective and do whatever it takes to reach your goal; along the way, you learn a thing or two.

Compared to others not yet on this journey – you’re the expert­ – you’re the one that can give guidance – and you’re the one who holds the authority.

Question: How do you properly build authority within a niche?

Better question: What’s the fastest way to do so?

This is what we’d recommend …

The Fruitful Balance of Authority and Affiliate Marketing

Authority is a powerful card in the hands of an affiliate marketer as it allows them to command influence within their market through the notion that their word is valuable and trustworthy.

Combine expertise, authority, and momentum, and you’ll have everything needed to build a successful affiliate marketing business.

Building authority, on the other hand, can be tiresome and tedious especially if you take years of your time devoted to learning a skill and having the spotlight torn away before it shines on your expertise.

It’s the combination of all three elements that will provide the most fruitful balance in your efforts.

The Streamline Strategy for Authority Building

People take notice of association.

Take a look at product and service providers on the Web (especially tech startups) and you’ll nearly always find some form of brand association as part of their marketing.

The most common form of association is listing the major media outlets and their coverage of the product, service, or company.

Likewise, it can be through recommendations made by other major players in the market that aids in building this authority by association; people see the recommendation and assume you have something valuable to offer since an important figure has endorsed your offer.

In essence: get other major players to endorse your brand and you’re authority building is set in motion.

Methods of Acquiring Authority in your Niche

Content is great; it allows you to share your expertise but it’s slow and takes time for the market to notice. Generally, you would expand on your content efforts by guest posting or contributing to other pieces – this is all fine and dandy but a lot of your message is lost in the noise between you and your potential follower.

Other common methods are through advertising and email list building which cuts straight through the noise and slams the Web user but this too has its drawbacks as it often feels forced and the recipient may not want (nor need) the message.

There are three methods that go highly untapped which are extremely influential toward building authority within your niche – they are:


Interviews take your content to the next level depending on those you to whom you have access.

Interview the big players in your market and you will instantly gain some form of recognition for your work (even when it’s not your own). It takes time to build up enough steam to gain access to the influential people within any market but it’s something worthy of your time and effort.

Conduct your interview as a podcast and you’ll have added another element to the equation as it gives people a voice for association. Furthermore, a video interview hits the roof since people see you and the individual side-by-side.


People trust those that have something to offer than just content and affiliate promotions.

Products and services differentiate you from the competition because anyone with enough time and effort can quickly build a website and tout their opinion and expertise but you’re the one with something extra to offer and you’re the one that has gone the extra mile to show their dedication to the industry.

Dump your resources and knowledge into developing a product or service for your affiliate marketing business; this will allow you to expand your income sources but more importantly: your authority.

Case Studies

Case studies are done a dime in a dozen among the affiliate marketing community.

Many are too gung-ho about getting in and getting out with as much profit as possible before being slammed or changing direction.

Case studies require you to take a great deal of time researching, learning, and implementing your strategies and then applying them, usually as a service, on others to which you track, analyze, and report. The case study tells readers that your strategies are effective not just in your work. But, in others and those going through the study will realize that your information and expertise have true value rather than a rushed piece of content for a bump in traffic – it shows you know what you’re doing.

Each of these methods can tap into other people’s knowledge whether it’s an endorsement for your product.


Aid from a major player sharing their thoughts on your work in a case study between both parties – and, of course, interviews cut straight to the chase.

Those serious about building a long-term affiliate marketing business must devote a great deal of time and energy toward obtaining authority.

Those smarter affiliates will understand how to reach a new level through the clever use of this posts’ information.