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Program Details

Base Commission 25% - 50% + Up To 80% Bonus
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type ACH
Accepted Countries Global

zZounds Affiliate Program: Overview

zZounds is a leading online retailer providing musical instruments, equipment, and accessories. On the site, customers can browse and buy from a massive product catalog while enjoying payment plan offers, weekly deals, exclusive giveaways, and more.

The site offers fast and free, 2-day shipping and a huge selection on clearance. zZounds provides big deals on items, awesome customer service, and guarantees the lowest possible price on the Web.

The zZounds affiliate program pays its partners based on loyalty…

Non-exclusive to zZounds:

  • Generate Monthly Net Sales > $5,000, earn a 25% bonus
  • Generate Monthly Net Sales > $10,000, earn a 50% bonus

Exclusive to zZsounds

  • Generate Monthly Net Sales > $1,000, earn a 20% bonus
  • Generate Monthly Net Sales > $5,000, earn a 40% bonus
  • Generate Monthly Net Sales > $10,000, earn a 80% bonus

The program provides deep linking features to increase conversion rates by pointing directly at products found on the zZounds site. The brand uses an in-house GearLink program but also open to those already on Commission Junction.

The zZounds Program: Pros and Cons

The zZounds program provides your usual set of creative assets, tracking & reporting, and support.

Its bonus incentives to lock in affiliates provides a wonderful opportunity when monetizing a music blog. Its massive product catalog and online-only presence let them provide some of the best deals possible.


  • Incentive-based commission payouts based on loyalty


  • No physical retail footprint preventing online-to-store pickup or music classes/support

zZounds Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

zZounds offers and promotions are some of the best in its industry because the business stays lean and agile. Their decision to operate exclusively online cuts costs so savings pass to customers.

Those visiting the site are met with great deals, support, and a massive product catalog.

The zZounds affiliate program is quite interesting because it adds incentive with loyalty. Exclusively partnering with zZounds offers a lower threshold to earn more with compounding earnings the more you can sell.

In all, zZounds makes for a fantastic partnership on both ends – it makes a hard case for exclusivity which many in the music niche will want to explore!