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Program Details

Base Commission $10
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal
Accepted Countries U.S., U.K., Canada, Austria, and Spain

Zipcar Affiliate Program: Overview

Zipcar is a car and ride sharing service providing members a way to reserve vehicles by the hour or day.

Zipcars are located at airports, cities, and campuses around the world. Members join the program, reserve a car, unlock using a Zipcard, drive, and return the vehicle to a designated location.

Zipcar rentals include 180 miles per daily rental with an additional charge per mile over the limit. Gas and insurance are included with each rental. Users find the service helpful for daily needs, driving between borders, and traveling abroad. It’s a neat service for those wanting a quick way to get around.

The Zipcar affiliate program is a simple, yet rewarding opportunity for those in the car, finance, and travel categories. The Zipcar program is offered through Commission Junction and VigLink. It provides your typical set of banners, reporting, and management. The program adds extra value with exclusive promo offers and regular newsletter updates to help improve conversions.

Affiliates can expect an average $10 commission when referring users from the U.S., U.K., Canada, Austria, and Spain. Zipcar does also offer a refer-a-friend program if payment by driving credits sounds more appealing to your promotions.

The Zipcar Program: Pros and Cons

Zipcar is an interesting service now that we have Uber and Lyft. It fills a gap these later companies cannot provide – and that’s freedom. Zipcar users rent by the hour or day, giving a great alternative to the high prices and limited selection found through other car rental services.

What are the good parts of the Zipcar affiliate program? What areas is it lacking?


  • Decent pay for new member sign ups
  • Disruptive service that’s bound to gain traction with your community


  • Refer-a-friend alternative can cut into potential via competition
  • Obvious competition from Uber and Lyft

Zipcar Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

Zipcar has a unique value proposition and novelty. The service has been around since 2000 and recently begun reaching critical mass due to ride sharing popularity. This service fills the gap left by other ride sharing services because people simply love having control of their transit.

We think the Zipcar offers and promotions would create an interesting opportunity to monetize your blog or campaigns. How so? People need to get around whether it’s for travel, moving, or going to work/entertainment/etc. Zipcar lets people do just that for way cheaper than car rental places.

In all, the affiliate program of Zipcar has respectable commissions. The offers won’t fit every type of blog but, for those where it can, will likely see good interest in the promotion.