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Program Details

Base Commission Up To 25%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check
Accepted Countries Global

Z-Health Affiliate Program: Overview

Z-Health affiliate program offers the ‘next evolution of education’ for health & fitness professionals. Their no-fail training system, back by neuroscience, reshapes brain activity improving the connection between brain and body.

The propriety set of drills are set to make clients become faster, stronger, and leaner while helping reduce pain. Z-Health starts with its R-Phase program (a 4-day, 32-hour course) teaching professionals the principles to deliver clients a better, healthier, sustainable improvements.

The Z-Health affiliate program pays up to 25% commission for every qualified sale of Z-Health products through your partner link. This only qualified for Z-Health products (not training, courses, and certifications). The program also pays 10% commissions for their Keyboard Athlete products.

The Z-Health Program: Pros and Cons

Th Z-Health program, offered through their in-house platform, has your typical set of tracking & reporting, creative assets catalog, and support. Affiliates can purchase through their link effectively earning a 25% discount. Payments are sent after reaching a $50 threshold via check.

How is the Z-Health program summed up on its positive side? What of the negatives?


  • 25% commissions for Z-Health products
  • 10% commissions for Keyboard Athlete products


  • Commissions do not qualify with Master Trainer products/courses/certs
  • Payments made by check only

Z-Health Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The Z-Health product catalog certainly has a unique set of offers and promotions. Your usual mix of health and wellness offers are likely supplements and well-known routines. The Z-Health program lets you monetize by expanding to the professionals.

If the program paid commissions for the training/certs then it would hit all the marks. Unfortunately, you’ll earn only with product sales and its Keyboard Athlete line.

Here’s the other problem – you can earn with Z-Health products… but their online store lists those products you wouldn’t qualify for… so which is it?

This program seems well and all, but its ambiguous terms and disqualification of its flagship product line really pegs it down for us. Still, look into it, dig around, and see if the program gives something to gain.