Workout Anywhere

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Program Details

Base Commission 30% Recurring (App Subs), 50% (Ebook, Training, Meal Plans)
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type EFT
Accepted Countries Global

Workout Anywhere Affiliate Program: Overview

Workout Anywhere is a fitness program intended to eliminate the high cost of gym membership and equipment by giving visitors the valuable resources to workout… anywhere. This segment of the fitness niche is on a quick trajectory for growth due to shortening free time and finances. The Workout Anywhere affiliate program and its promotion has accelerated its popularity, too.

The Workout Anywhere system provides local and online coaching services, interactive challenges, meal plans, rewards, lessons, workout videos, goal tracking, and a bustling community.

Interested in promoting offers through the Workout Anywhere affiliate program?

As a Workout Anywhere affiliate, you can earn money referring people to the program and receive a 30-50% commission if they purchase downloadable plans or with app subscriptions. The program has an eye-opening 0% refund rate. More than 3000+ people have already joined the program.

Workout Anywhere offers and promotions leverage a strong sales funnel with a main, upsell, and down sell offer. You earn a commission for each sale throughout the process.

The Workout Anywhere Program: Pros and Cons

Workout Anywhere is one of several programs aimed at those wanting to shed a few pounds or put on mass without the expensive costs associated with fitness. This market reaches everyone willing to explore fitness. What are the good (and bad) qualities of the Workout Anywhere affiliate program?


  • 3-pronged commissions through main, upsell, and down sell funnel
  • 50% retention and a strong, vocal community to attract newcomers
  • Several resources and tools creating high stickiness to the program


  • Similar videos and training are freely available on forums and YouTube
  • Small customer base (3000+) placing it relatively obscure in the market
  • Negates your potential to cross-promote gym offers

Workout Anywhere Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The Workout Anywhere affiliate program has all the makings of a great promotion. It’s going head-first in the anti-gym movement within the fitness community. This lowers the barrier to entry widening the market reach tremendously.

Unfortunately, where it benefits in low costs also comes at a price. Affiliates may find trouble convincing their community to invest in gym equipment after having promoted this program. The community may feel it a bait and switch – so commitment to Workout Anywhere offers and promotions are a must.

In all, we think Workout Anywhere is a great mix of earning potentials, strong community, extensive resources, and branding to turn your fitness blog into a profitable venture. This is an easy promotion for those having segmented their community by workout and fitness types.