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Program Details

Base Commission 20%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type ACH, Wire
Accepted Countries Global

WooCommerce Affiliate Program: Overview

WooCommerce is a best-in-class, WordPress ecommerce platform built for performance, usability, and design. The might of WooCommerce comes from its open-source backend allowing any entrepreneur and business owner to explore online sales. This open-source structure also attracts developers and designers offering free and paid extensions to further improve the WooCommerce platform.

WooCommerce is extensively flexible and comes packed with built-in features like seamless integration, digital/physical/subscription-based product support, full customization, detailed documentation, built-in blogging, ratings/reviews, and so much more.

Affiliates can begin earning 20% commissions for referrals to the platform and extensions through the WooCommerce affiliate program.

The WooCommerce affiliate program is tailored for WordPress-focused sites, eCommerce-focused sites, WP developers/authors/designers, contractors, freelancers, and more.

Adding WooCommerce offers to your promotions is as simple as copying and pasting your referral link and tracking results with the simple and clean affiliate dashboard. The extension store adds hundreds of additional offers to your promotions. The program even includes commissions referring users to the wildly popular Jetpack plugin!

The WooCommerce Program: Pros and Cons

The WooCommerce platform boasts hundreds of helpful extensions to further improve the functionality and ROI of its platform. This includes enhancements to payment processing, shipping, tracking, subscriptions, and even affiliate management.

The WooCommerce affiliate program pays well and presents limitless options. But, what else should you know about the program?

Perhaps you should consider…


  • Open source offers easy entry with a logical transition to paid offers
  • Huge development community supporting this ecommerce platform
  • Can purchase through own link on behalf of clients


  • $100 minimum payout
  • Open-source and free extensions compete with paid offers

WooCommerce Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

WooCommerce is already on our radar because it’s free and open-source. It’s a powerful ecommerce platform allowing anyone with a few spare minutes of their time to set up shop. The passionate development community has created a plethora of fantastic tools to improve its usability.

With that said, WooCommerce does compete with other open-source shopping platforms and enterprise-level solutions. It’s hard enough convincing people to create an online store let alone convincing them to try something open-source (many simply feel safer with paid solutions).

In all, we think the WooCommerce offers and promotions are perfect for any type of site. Why? Because there are endless opportunities you can explore with convincing your audience to start an online store. Plus, it being free and heavily supported streamlines the funnel – soon, those people will explore the paid options and that means affiliate earnings!