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Program Details

Base Commission $100+
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type ACH, ETF
Accepted Countries Global (Some Restrictions)

Wix Affiliate Program: Overview

The Wix affiliate program is a wonderful way to begin making money promoting the powerful site building platform, Wix. Wix is one of several leading contenders for simplistic site creation for non-technical users. Though, it does have plenty of features to attract veterans of site building!

Wix offers free websites with optional upgrades to premium plans. The robust editor has several incredible features including drag-and-drop editing, built-in SEO, and mobile-friendly features. The platform also hosts 500+ professional designed website templates to quickly set up a gorgeous site.

Those needing a quick and easy website can use the Wix ADI. This handy tool uses AI and Q&A to automatically build websites to user specifics. But, if it’s not 100% perfect, users can access their site code and manually tweak their sites to how they need.

Wix also includes modules and apps designed to streamline online shopping, digital distribution, video streaming, online booking, and more. It aims to be the best all-in-one suite. So far, more than 109 million people have built websites using the Wix platform.

About the Wix Affiliate Program

The Wix affiliate program pays $100 (or more) for every user that converts to paying members. Joining is free and comes packed with helpful affiliate resources including high-performing banners and creative meant to maximize promotions and offers.

Active affiliates to the Wix partnership program must earn $300/mo to get paid. Earnings rollover to the next month until this $300 threshold is meat. Then, Wix affiliate payments are sent on the 15th each month. Wix’s payment processing is done from user invoicing.

The Wix program uses a 30-day tracking cookie and has your usual mix of tracking tools.

The Wix Affiliate Pros and Cons

Wix, on the front-end, is a powerful editing suite for building online sites of all types. But, what are you in for as an affiliate to the program? Is it worthwhile to join this partnership opportunity?

Wix Affiliate Pros

  • It’s a popular, easy-to-use platform used by millions
  • Full set of features and flexibility + free sites
  • High $100 payouts per premium conversion

Wix Affiliate Cons

  • High $300/mo minimum
  • Clunky invoicing to get paid
  • Doesn’t look like you earn with their up-sells

Overall, the problem is the monthly earnings minimum. This isn’t hard for a popular site or super affiliate but can pose problems if you’re promoting it passively. That, and you’re the one required to send an affiliate invoice which seems weird considering you’re already in their partnership system.

Wix Affiliate Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict and Review

Can you make money promoting Wix.com? Yes, but we’d only suggest it to those with an established community and lots of traffic. There are better options if you’re promoting domains, hosting, and site building tools passively or when just starting with affiliate marketing.

The Wix affiliate payouts are nice, though, coming in at $100 per conversion. It seems like the affiliate program is tacked on more than anything because they’re promoting their Wix Arena services heavily.

A look through the Wix affiliate program terms shows the usual legal items.

In all, Wix seems like a ton of work for what could pay a whole lot more by promoting other programs.

$100 is nice but the minimum thresholds and performance expectations are only good for high-traffic sites/affiliates.

Seek opportunities elsewhere if you’re an affiliate marketing beginner.