What Lies in Your Debt?

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Program Details

Base Commission Variable
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type ACH
Accepted Countries Global (U.S. Primary)

What Lies in Your Debt Affiliate Program: Overview

What Lies In Your Debt is a membership program providing clients an immense understanding of… what’s lying in their debt.

The platform includes access to an incredibly valuable resource to take control of debt, stop the calls from creditors, and even go back after the collectors for breaking the law.

This program is beneficial for both everyday people and legal/financial professionals. It condenses years of experience dealing with these debt companies and banks – providing users with forms, tutorials, and a legal lounge to take back their financial security.

The What Lies in Your Debt Affiliate Program, offered through Clickbank, pays high commissions on an already premium-priced membership service – partners can find all affiliate needs through their program including creative, tracking, and (limited) support.

The What Lies in Your Debt Program: Pros and Cons

As a partner to the What Lies In Your Debt affiliate program, you get to promote a premier source of legal and debt information.

The membership pays for itself – stopping (and fighting back) one, a major legal dispute can help clients save thousands. This membership program makes perfect sense for those in the debt relief niche.


  • Membership programs tend to keep customers locked in
  • High affiliate payout for a premium, valuable platform


  • Limited partner support
  • Info found in the membership is freely found through other sites

What Lies in Your Debt Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The What Lies in Your Debt membership service provides value and savings for its members.

This platform – though providing information many can find elsewhere – condenses difficult topics and hosts a great community many will prefer vs going elsewhere.

The What Lies in Your Debt affiliate program, and it offers and promotions, could fit neatly alongside other valuable finance and debt offers. This would generate a new income funnel for those in a tough financial bind wanting to take on companies by themselves vs paying debt relief businesses.

In all, it may not be the biggest brand and player in the debt market but it does have something unique to offer its members. This, alone, makes it worthwhile to experiment and test in your finance, debt, or business online marketing campaigns and efforts.