Weight Watchers

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Program Details

Base Commission $10
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check
Accepted Countries Global

Weight Watchers Affiliate Program: Overview

Weight Watchers is a subscription service and platform providing customers several options to get healthy and lose weight.

In the past, Weight Watchers relied on their meal kits and plans. But, have recently expanded into a new program with greater options and value.

The SmartPoints program, the flagship offering through Weight Watchers, tracks most foods, helps people stick to their plans, and creates motivation through a massively passionate community. The brand also offers personal coaching, local meetups, magazine, and a paid app.

The Weight Watchers affiliate program is an ideal fit for lifestyle bloggers and those focusing on the weight loss market. The program is offered through Commission Junction to provide necessary tools for link creation, tracking, and reporting.

Affiliates can expect to earn $10 for each qualifying subscription. Payments are sent monthly via check to those affiliates having $25 in their account. The Weight Watchers program is free to join.

The Weight Watchers Program: Pros and Cons

Weight Watchers is a world-renown brand in the lifestyle and weight loss space. The brand, back by Oprah, has reshuffled and came back to the spotlight with its new system. Free trials, regular promotions, celebrity endorsements, and a strong community carry this brand well.

What are the benefits of joining the Weight Watchers program? What are some of the downsides of having Weight Watchers offers on your site?


  • Multiple lead funnels driving people into the subscription service
  • Several, valuable resources like the app, online portal, and community
  • Backed by incredibly well-known influencers and celebrities


  • The “zero points foods” aren’t a free pass many would expect
  • Dozens of free options in the app marketplace for calorie tracking
  • Generally low commission amount for a subscription service

Weight Watchers Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

Weight Watchers has been on fire again recently ever since Oprah acquired the company. Her massive following, celebrity endorsements, and its technological embrace has made this a shining star in the weight loss market.

The Weight Watchers affiliate program provides ample commissions backed by one of the biggest names in the industry. We think Weight Watchers would fill a much-needed gap in your typical offers and promotions when monetizing your site.

In all, Weight Watchers offers and promotions fit neatly within any weight loss, fitness, or health-based campaign and site. This program may become your biggest money-maker!