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Program Details

Base Commission Up To 8%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type ACH, Direct Deposit
Accepted Countries Global

Walmart Affiliate Program: Overview

Who doesn’t know about Walmart? That’s something to consider when promoting versus its competitors. Walmart’s brand awareness and market authority make it a powerhouse. Their placement gives them a competitive edge in pricing and distribution. not only lists what’s available through their distribution centers and catalogs. But, also third-party sellers much like They’ve remained competitive as its industry shifted to online shopping by adopting 2-day shipping. But, also giving customers an in-store pickup option.

Walmart’s website is somewhat clunky and goes through regular redesigns. They’re ranked #13 for shopping/general in the States and #136 globally. However, their site has a high conversion rate and low bounce rate (only 44.81%). These stats will play favorably for its partners.

About the Walmart Affiliate Program

Does Walmart have an affiliate program? You bet! It’s available through Rakuten/LinkShare.

Partners to the Walmart program can begin earning 1% – 18% commissions. This includes a low-end payout for items like music, movies, and books. But high earnings potential with items like business checks, sports & outdoors, and gifts & registry.

The platform pays an average 4% commissions for most items.

What will you find as a affiliate partner?

  • Product data feeds
  • Deep linking
  • Exclusive products
  • Creative banners
  • Contests
  • Dedicated management

… all the good parts of an affiliate program.

A short 3-day affiliate cookie window is standard with this program. But, it’s 5% average conversion rate (nearly 2-3% higher than many of its competitors) more than makes up for this short timeframe.

The Walmart Program: Pros and Cons

Walmart versus Amazon – a battle of a lifetime. On one hand, Walmart excels at offering a robust product catalog at unbeatable prices + in-store pickup. On the other, Amazon has become synonymous with online shopping and customer service.

Which do you promote? Why not both?

It’s very likely your Western audience will compare pricing between the two. So, include both to maximize your potential when doing product mentions!

What are the best parts of the Walmart affiliate program? What’s lackluster about it?


  • Global brand with one of the largest product catalogs
  • 4-8% commissions compared to its restrictive competitors
  • In-store pickup and 2-day shipping
  • High average orders (about $300)


  • Consumer pushback from past practices
  • Long 60-day payout period
  • Fairly selective with partnership acceptance
  • Short 3-day affiliate cookie

Walmart Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

It’s almost impossible living in Western society and not entertaining Walmart offers and promotions. This brand is represented in nearly every major town & city throughout the U.S. Their global footprint continues to take hold like a wildfire.

What do we like most about the Walmart affiliate program? It’s 8% commissions are tremendous considering other competitors, like Amazon, remove payouts for many popular categories. Walmart, on the other hand, is pretty much across the board – meaning more opportunities to earn!

In all, the Walmart program is a perfect Amazon alternative and “catch-all” for your product promotions. There’s a 99.9% chance Walmart carries the items your audience wants. Their fast shipping is comparable to competitors, but it shines with its in-store pickup (giving you an even bigger incentive with the promos).

Go, now, and click on the Walmart affiliate signup to explore this wonderful opportunity.