Vitamin World

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Program Details

Base Commission 8%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Direct Deposit, EFT
Accepted Countries Global

Vitamin World Affiliate Program: Overview

Vitamin World launched in 1977 to deliver the best nutritional products to the world through premium supplements rigorously tested to meet high standards and expectations. The Vitamin World online store lists hundreds of best-selling products in the health and wellness market including brands like Precision Engineered, V Therapy, Optimum Nutrition, and of course their own, Vitamin World.

On the site, visitors can shop for vitamins, supplements, protein powders, digestive aids, superfoods, weight support products, holistic health items, and personal/beauty care. It’s a one-stop shop for nutrition both affordable and tailored to fit user’s needs. The site runs regular coupons campaigns, promotions, and offers savings passport program to keep 17 million members coming back for more.

The Vitamin World affiliate program lets you partner with a worldwide supplement brand.

Program approve to the Vitamin World program is open to all. Those joining will earn an estimated 8% commissions for all purchased made by visitors sent through partner referral links. The program includes creatives like banners and money-saving offers to encourage and improve conversions.

Vitamin World uses a 45-day affiliate cookie giving partners a large window to earn. Average orders through the site are $65-$125 (depending on promotions) meaning higher commissions for all.

The Vitamin World Program: Pros and Cons

When you think vitamins and supplements, you think Vitamin World. This brand has continued to stand as the market leader in its industry. The brand typically stands second to its other, main competitor Vitamin Shoppe. There are similarities between the brands – here’s the good/bad of Vitamin World.


  • Good commissions size with large affiliate referral window
  • Frequent promotions and deals to encourage repeat transactions


  • Several other online and physical retailers overtaking the space
  • Dozens of low ratings on company/business review sites

Vitamin World Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

We think Vitamin World offers and promotions provide a good variety of opportunity. There are hundreds of products on the online retail site. Each, a new avenue and content piece to drive people through referral links.

The Vitamin World affiliate program is basic – this industry tends to have similar commission structures, product catalogs, and support – so it’s neither bad nor good. It is effective, though. In all, VW is a dime a dozen, general supplement provider for those wanting the biggest reach with product promotion.