Vitamin Shoppe

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Program Details

Base Commission Up To 9%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal, EFT
Accepted Countries Global

Vitamin Shoppe Affiliate Program: Overview

Vitamin Shoppe is a one-stop location for products from the top nutritional brands. The product offers found on their site include vitamins & supplements, protein powders, herbs & natural remedies, natural beauty & skin products, and a whole lot more.

Vitamin Shoppe offers product brands ranging from their in-house labeling to Megafood, MyTrition, Natures Way, Quest Nutrition, and many others. The online store runs regular promotions, has a strong content marketing initiative, and thousands of satisfied customers around the globe.

The Vitamin Shoppe affiliate program is an ideal opportunity for those helping their audience improve their health and well-being. Affiliates will earn up to 9% of commissions on all referred sales through their online store. The Vitamin Shoppe program includes logos, text links, banners, and reporting.

The Vitamin Shoppe offers and promotions are found through Commission Junction making it one less trouble if you’re present on the affiliate network.

Vitamin Shoppe Program: Pros and Cons

Vitamin Shoppe competes with related brands like GNC and Vitamin World but they often accel through their better pricing on many popular products. The online shopping portal is easy-to-use and has regular promotions to entice repeat visitors and customers.

What makes the Vitamin Shoppe affiliate program a good fit for your partnership? What are the negatives your referrals may not appreciate? Consider…


  • 25000+ products, across major brands, priced well for competition
  • Trusted name and supplier of a quality in-house product line
  • Tiered promotions on offers to create larger sales


  • Availability of most products through popular channels like Amazon
  • On-going regulations with the FDA could eliminate some promotions

Vitamin Shoppe Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

There isn’t too much difference between the major, generic retailers of vitamins & supplements. You typically find the same brands and price match between them. So, it really comes down to website usability and customer service – Vitamin Shoppe is great in these two areas.

We think the Vitamin Shoppe offers and promotions have enough variety to find their placement in several niches outside of your typical avenue of health and wellness. This creates a good opportunity when monetizing your site since health is, forever, an evergreen topic.

In all, the Vitamin Shoppe affiliate program provides a respectable commission to warrant sign up. Once you’re in, the 25000+ product selection should solidify your decision. Got to love choice!