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Program Details

Base Commission Variable
Payment Frequency Variable
Payment Type Variable
Accepted Countries Global

VigLink Affiliate Program: Overview

VigLink is one of, if not, the largest online platform connecting advertisers through publishers via content-driven commerce. The VigLink affiliate program and its platform facilitates the exchange between both parties and gives them an opportunity to pair promotional offers with content influencers. The real-time, ad-bid model helps over 60,000 advertisers gain access to 2 million+ sites. Their platform automatically converts branded and keyword links to merchant websites and the publisher gets paid!

The VigLink affiliate program pays an average 10-30% commissions for partnered eCommerce store sale. This varies depending on publisher, affiliate agreement, and performance.

The VigLink platform boasts 70,000+ merchants across all industries. Affiliates to the network can quickly monetize their content through its automatic linking. This points keywords and phrases to an appropriate eCommerce store selling the mentioned product.

The network’s monetization tool is ultimately hands-off – but does provide extensive features to identify top-performers to grow monetization efforts.

The VigLink Program: Pros and Cons

The VigLink program isn’t an affiliate program, per se. It’s a network automatically linking you to tens of thousands of eCommerce stores – becoming a central hub to affiliate with all brands in one go. This has its benefits and some setbacks.


  • Over 70,000+ merchants
  • Integrates over 31 affiliate networks
  • Extensive support for both affiliate and merchant


  • Automatic linking (less control in your promotions)
  • Offers are intended for content pieces (vs direct linking)

VigLink Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

VigLink is an incredible opportunity because it takes the guess-work and tedious linking out of affiliate marketing. If you have a content-rich site, and want to quickly monetize, then look no further than VigLink. The automatic paring to top eCommerce stores optimizes offers and promotions so you earn the most.

In all, VigLink is a wonderful platform to experience. You may not have complete control over your promotions – but then again… you may have been missing opportunities. Let VigLink find and optimize those keywords without the hassle.