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Program Details

Base Commission $50 - $100+
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Wire
Accepted Countries Global

VGPMB Affiliate Program: Overview

VGPMB (Video Games Pay My Bills) is a step-by-step guide helping people turn their love of video games into a full-time career. The site provides up-to-date strategies and methods for turning a gaming hobby into a career by streamlining what it takes to make it big on Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms.

Other guides on the VGPMB site includes how to build a gambling blog/site, gaining sponsorships from video game brands, buying/selling vintage games, and becoming a video game tester.  In total, more than 200 guides and 50+ videos are available through the site.

The VGPMB affiliate program can make partners up to $50-$100 per sign up.

The Video Games Pay My Bills program includes a streamlined sales funnel, creating multiple offers during sign-up, maximizing potential affiliate profits. The program includes free marketing content, affiliate coaching, tracking, and a 90day cookie.

The VGPMB Program: Pros and Cons

It’s not every day you find a product and platform for the video game industry specific to turning the hobby into a career. But, here’s VGPMB… and it rocks! The program has more than enough profit margin to turn just a few, monthly sales into a big money maker. What else should you know?


  • Huge commissions with bonus payouts for high performers
  • Massive catalog of products (200+ and counting)


  • Video gamers are quite clever and would call-out your promotional efforts
  • A lot of this information is available through popular YouTube personalities

VGPMB Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

You may be wondering… why add VGPMB offers and promotions if I’m already talking about this stuff on my video game blog? It’s all about making it easy-to-access.

The Video Game Pay My Bills program condenses hundreds of guides into one, easy-to-access platform – making it easier for gamers to shift their love of video gaming from hobby to career.

The high commissions, strong sales funnel, and big, valuable product catalog would make this quite a good fit for all video game blogs and promotions.

This is one of those products you wanted to create somewhere along the way… someone else beat ya to it… so might as well promote it, right?