Vegetarian Body Building

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Program Details

Base Commission 50%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Direct Deposit, PayPal
Accepted Countries Global

Vegetarian Body Building Affiliate Program: Overview, as the name implies, is a bodybuilding program mixing practical advice and science to create mass with a plant-based diet. The program is intended for vegetarians, vegans, and semi-vegetarians, though technically possible for any willing to take the plunge.

The V3 bodybuilding program takes a focus on getting nutrition from food versus supplements. Though, does offer an extensive guide and recommendations for optional supplements. The program is one of the few in the plant-based bodybuilding niche – perhaps the leader!

The Vegetarian Body Building affiliate program lets partners earn 50% commissions on a $97 product.

The V3 program goes through Clickbank where you’ll find its appropriate hoplink, creative assets, and management support to quickly set up and begin promotions. The program allows affiliates to tap into one of the fastest growing sub-niches in the bodybuilding market!

The Vegetarian Body Building Program: Pros and Cons

The Vegetarian Body Building affiliate program lets you promote one of the few products in bodybuilding based on a plant-based diet. This product fills a huge gap in an industry dominated by low-carb and meat-based diets. As a partner, you can earn huge commissions within the targeted, segmented portion of your community often neglected because of food choices.

What are the great parts of the V3 system’s program? What are some of its drawbacks?


  • The popular sub-niche product quickly becoming a marketplace unicorn


  • Single-product promotion without variable sales funnel for greater earnings

Vegetarian Body Building Offer and Promotions: Our Verdict

We think the Vegetarian Body Building affiliate program could become a great, profitable offer and promotion on your fitness blog. The program/product is highly niche (for vegans, vegetarians, and semi-vegetarians) making it one of the few catering this small, but passionate, market segment.

In all, you can’t beat 50% commissions on a $97 product – that’s big earnings for every day! And, considering it’s a market leader in this sub-niche and something wildly different than the other bodybuilding programs you promote… it could show some real, financial gains.