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Program Details

Base Commission 2% - 10%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal, EFT
Accepted Countries Global

Vega Affiliate Program: Overview

Vega is a brand and online platform selling and promoting plant-based nutrition through supplements, powders, nutritional bars, and shakes. Their primary target is those seeking clean, healthy supplements whether it’s for pre-workout, mid-workout, post-workout, or everyday nutrition.

Vega is a lifestyle brand with a passion for real-food alternatives. Their product line delivers innovative wellness solutions backed by passionate employees embodying their vision and mission.

The Vega affiliate program uses a 60-day cookie and pays 2% to 10% commissions on all sales referred to the Vega online store. Commissions are earned for the first purchase and orders placed within a 60-day timeframe. Average orders are $110 meaning $11 commissions on your typical sales!

The Vega program uses Commissions Junction for its affiliate management. There, you’ll find banners, creative, text links, and extra affiliate resources and support to improve your opportunities and success.

The Vega Program: Pros and Cons

The health, wellness fitness, vegetarian, and green living niche markets have hundreds of vitamins and supplement brands – Vega being a popular one. Vega’s passion and vision for a healthier, green lifestyle show in their approach to the market and customer service.

What are the good parts of the Vega affiliate program? Where do the Vega offers fall flat?


  • High average orders and recurring commissions with subsequent purchases
  • Free incentives for consumers to ease them through the sales funnel


  • A flood of competitors selling very similar products at lower prices
  • A niche product has its market but also corners your grow opportunity

Vega Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict has a clean and intuitive website using hero images to promote their flagship products and best sellers. One may think this yet another supplement company using flashy branding and marketing initiatives at first glance. But, Vega has a passionate workforce and leadership combined with a niche focus and strong branding.

The Vega products are well-reviewed and respectfully priced for competition while remaining premium offerings within this industry. The Vega affiliate program’s commission structure will have you wanting more but then again… there aren’t many selling plant-based nutrition, to begin with.

We think the Vega offers and promotions will attract a targeted following among your audience. Those recurring commissions really add up! This is a program you’ll want to explore to add variety in your affiliate promotions and comparison.