Uni-Key Health

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Program Details

Base Commission 10%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Direct Deposit, EFT
Accepted Countries Global

Uni-Key Health Affiliate Program: Overview

Uni-Key Health is an online marketplace (and brand) selling natural supplements for weight loss, detox, anti-aging, and more. Uni-Key’s unique to wellness is half education, half natural remedies.

Lead by James Templeton, thousands of customers have improved their well-being from the cellular level and seen improvements to movement, libido, mental clarity, increased energy levels, and more.

The Uni-Key affiliate program is a simple and straightforward opportunity. Affiliates join, add links to their site, and earn commissions when visitors buy products. Affiliates can expect to earn 10% commissions each time a visitor completes a purchase.

The Uni-Key program runs on the Shareasale platform and offers several backend benefits like banners, affiliate support, and resources.

The Uni-Key Health Program: Pros and Cons

Uni-Key uses natural supplements to improve personal well-being. Their product line has unique products tailored to reduce or eliminate physical and mental setbacks from memory loss to clearing the body through cleansing.

What makes the Uni-Key affiliate program a good match for health affiliates? What parts of the offers will have you wanting more?


  • Strong branding and design across proprietary supplements
  • Premium pricing, good reviews, and simple shop interface


  • Mileage may vary because they are, after all, supplements
  • Cheaper alternatives to similar products from popular brands

Uni-Key Health Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

Uni-Key Health has dozens of great products offers for clients of all types. The brand and site have all the hallmarks of a reputable supplement company. There’s nothing truly unique about a lot of brands in the supplement market but Uni-Key manages to pull it off through their educational resources and story.

The Uni-Key Health affiliate program has your basic commission structure – nothing fancy – but earnings are balanced out from the premium pricing. The brand strives for quality and it shows through their countless 5-star reviews.

In all, we think the Uni-Key Health offers and promotions have the right branding, design, price structure, and attraction to fit neatly on any health and wellness blog. Give them a try, join the program, and share how their supplements worked to improve trust and conversion.