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Program Details

Base Commission 5% & Variable
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Direct Deposit, Wire, eCurrency
Accepted Countries Global

Twitch Affiliate Program: Overview is the #1 destination for streaming video game content. The platform features thousands of entertainers, hundreds of popular games, a real-life section, and coverage of popular e-sports events. Its chat, donation opportunities, and popularity have made it a game-changing source of entertainment.

Twitch, owned by Amazon, also includes a Prime subscription model giving subscribers free loot, in-game skins, game deals, and more. The Twitch platform has revolutionized the video game industry and, since its inception, have created some of the most popular entertainers on the Web.

The Twitch affiliate program has an extensive (and somewhat) complex platform.

Affiliates meeting requirements (having streamed for 8 hours in the last 30 days, 7 days in the last 30, reaching an average 3 viewers per stream, and at least 50 audience members) can join. After completing the affiliate agreement, Twitch partners can begin earning money by obtaining subscribers, converting 1 bit into 1 cent through cheering, and referring game sales.

The program is rather simple once it’s set up – play your games, stream, and let your popularity carry the sales and promotions.

The Twitch Program: Pros and Cons

The Twitch affiliate program is a fantastic, income-generating opportunity for streamers of variable follower sizes. This is a program requiring you a content creator of the platform. But, since you’re in the video game niche… you’re likely already on the Twitch platform!

What are the positives of the affiliate program? Are there any negatives to it?


  • Built-in and for all streamers reaching basic requirements
  • Earn by promoting the games you love to play


  • Ads are “coming soon”
  • Payout timeframe is 60 days+

Twitch Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The Twitch affiliate program is one you’re likely apart of if you’re already streaming on the platform. The basic requirements aren’t hard to achieve – and you can begin making money soon after. Payments are slow at first until you build a following but earnings are limitless for great personalities and passionate followers.

In all, the Twitch affiliate program is one you’ll want to partner with if you’re any bit serious about monetizing your video game website – it’s a platform you’re already using… so why not step up your game and monetize your stream?