Turbo Tax

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Program Details

Base Commission 10%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal, Wire
Accepted Countries U.S. & Canada

Turbo Tax Affiliate Program: Overview

Turbo Tax provides world-class tax software and e-file services guaranteeing maximum refunds and 100% accuracy. The software and service, used by millions, also includes live tax advice and final review while users peruse 350+ possible tax deductions.

The Turbo Tax affiliate program pays around 10% commissions for referrals to its products.

Those joining the Turbo Tax affiliate program will maximize their commissions during tax time else pick up sales during the off seasons promoting to small businesses. The TurboTax platform includes extensive guides and tools to help understand personal finances, tons of creative, easy setup, and support.

The Turbo Tax Program: Pros and Cons

What better program for those in the debt and finance niche than Intuit’s TurboTax? Promoting the software tools and online platform offers great benefits to its users and pays very well. What are the positives to the program? What are its negatives?


  • 10% commissions on the #1 tax software product
  • Offered through Commission Junction


  • Peak times are Jan – April

Turbo Tax Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

When the time is right, you’ll want to list TurboTax offers and promotions. The peak, tax time sales spikes will likely drive great commissions your way as the tool becomes a necessity for millions. The only downside is how little the tool comes into play outside those times.

In all, we think TurboTax is an essential partnership for those in the debt and finance niche. No finance blog would be complete without mentioning it at least once – might as well make money when doing so!