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Program Details

Base Commission 7%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type PayPal, ACH
Accepted Countries Global

TuneCore Affiliate Program: Overview

TuneCore is the largest distributor of digital music with one of the highest revenue-generating music catalogs in the world. Over the years, TuneCore artists sold hundreds of millions of tracks and generated an equally impressive gross music sales and revenue since 100% of sales revenue goes to the artists.

TuneCore is a low, flat fee service that distributes music to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and 150+ other major download and streaming sites. The TuneCore platform uses a premium distribution rate of $9.99 per single or $29.99 for an album for the first year. Users can create their account for free, connect with other artists, and perhaps even land a publishing deal!

What is the TuneCore Affiliate Program?

The TuneCore affiliate program is looking for partners in the music, books/media, entertainment, and online services niche. Those joining the TuneCore program will earn 7% commission for every paid distribution. The program uses a 45-day cookie and includes a wealth of optimized offers and resources to help get new affiliates up and running with little effort.

The TuneCore Program: Pros and Cons

TuneCore is a leader in the music distribution and promotional market – with its only real competitor being CDBaby. Its lower pricing model, modern design, wide distribution network, and service has created an incredible package for artists.


  • 7% commissions on $29.99 are decent when there are thousands of new artists
  • The 45-day cookie window gives you plenty of time to convert referrals


  • Slightly clunkier system compared to its other, major competitor CDBaby
  • Some artists don’t realize it uses a yearly subscription model to continue distribution

TuneCore Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

We think TuneCore offers and promotions are an awesome addition to any music blog. Why? Because getting found in the music industry is hard enough – there are your usual routes like YouTube, SoundCloud, and self-promotion – but TuneCore streamlines it all which is incredibly valuable.

The TuneCore affiliate program has a decent payment model and plenty of support and resources. We think you’ll have no trouble adding promotions to your site or campaigns. Though, the limited players in this market do make the decision hard between this brand and CDBaby.

In all, TuneCore provides a valuable package for up-and-coming artists. The pricing structure is fair for its subscribers, royalties go to the artists, and it has a wealth of tools for all parties. This is definitely a strong brand to get behind and promote on your music site.