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Program Details

Base Commission $5 (Lead), ~20%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type ACH
Accepted Countries U.S.

Trumpia Affiliate Program: Overview

Trumpia is an all-in-one mobile messaging and marketing automation service. Their product allows businesses to explore SMS marketing through smart & automatic campaigns. This includes marketing messages to cell phones & landlines.

The product goes beyond its core marketing features and benefits. Many customers use Trumpia for mass text communications such as with critical alerts and work reminders. Other businesses use the product to send greetings, surveys, and employee updates.

This tool (and brand) has quickly become the leader in the SMS marketing space. Their product is used by some of the biggest companies including Coca-Cola, Gold’s Gym, eBay, and others.

About the Trumpia Affiliate Program

The Trumpia affiliate program provides a world-class partnership opportunity.

Partners in the program can begin earning between $65 to $2,025 for each referral sent to the company. This payment model typically falls into a 20% commission rate. The program also pays up to $5 per lead within a 60-day cookie window.

Payment threshold before cashing out is $100 minimum.

The Trumpia program is so extensive they include a full-color brochure detailing the program upon request. Partners gain access to a wealth of affiliate tracking tools & resources. Plus, top-rated affiliate management to help campaigns grow.

The Trumpia Program: Pros and Cons

Trumpia caught on rapidly with the sudden rise of SMS marketing. This is a marketing channel still relatively new and unexplored by many. Their service is best-in-class allowing them to work with some of the biggest global brands.

Would the Trumpia program be good for you? What are some of its setbacks?


  • $5 leads (U.S.-only) and $65 – $2,025 total commissions
  • Long 60-day cookie window
  • Unique marketing avenue and product


  • S.-only leads
  • Selective partnerships

Trumpia Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

Trumpia certainly has a unique product for the business community. This alone would pique interest and inquiry from your followers. SMS marketing is on the cutting edge – and it shows incredible open and conversion rates – meaning one great campaign can turn a customer into a die-hard fan.

Overall, the Trumpia affiliate program is mind-blowingly lucrative. The pay-per-lead and high commission rates (with ample cookie window) could score massive earnings. They’re extremely dedicated to taking care of their partners.

Should you join this text message marketing affiliate program? No doubt!