True Blue Life Insurance

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Program Details

Base Commission $5 - $25
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type PayPal
Accepted Countries

True Blue Life Insurance Affiliate Program: Overview

True Blue Life Insurance represents 80+ insurance brands and companies. This allows them to provide an extensive range of insurance quotes without the need for personal information. More than 10,000 customers have already been served through its online platform. The high-rated service has stellar online reviews for its quality offers, support, and fast approval.

The True Blue Life Insurance affiliate program plays variable commissions for leads even if new referrals do not complete a real “sale”.

The payment structure is:

  • Application Request Submission -$25.00
  • Agent Contact Request -$10.00
  • Diabetic Quote Request -$5.00
  • Email Quote -$5.00

The sign-up process to become a partner does require manual approval though once on board – partners will be paid for all form submissions, account creations, and info requests driven to the company.

The True Blue Life Insurance Program: Pros and Cons

The True Blue Life Insurance program leverages their connection to 80+ insurance brands to deliver exceptional quality, service, and quotes. As a partner to the program, you’ll have access to a great suite of marketing resources and creative to quickly launch and earn from any lead to the company.


  • Pays for leads whether they convert or not
  • 80+ insurance companies to give the best deals


  • Manual approval and few details on the front-end
  • Passing referrals through a referral company

True Blue Life Insurance Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

True Blue Life Insurance turns you into the affiliate through their referral, partner program. Meaning, you’re referring referrals to their referral business. This does mean you’re receiving a smaller cut from building the leads. But, the offers and promotions are worthwhile because there are less pieces to the parts – streamlining the referral and conversion process.

In all, we think the True Blue Life Insurance affiliate program creates plenty of opportunities for its partners because it covers it all. This program could become your “catch-all” in the business & insurance niche.