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Program Details

Base Commission $0.25 (Flat-Rate)
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type ACH, Direct Deposit
Accepted Countries Global

TicketFly Affiliate Program: Overview

TicketFly is an online platform to help event organizers increase sales for their events, concerts, and more.

The fully-integrated ticketing, marketing, and analytics software include customer tools and a curation engine making it as simple-as-possible for fans to find and buy tickets. The TicketFly platform believes in strong values: putting clients first, delivering an exceptional experience, helpfulness, and willingness to take risks.

The company was acquired by Eventbrite in 2017 but remains an independent operation. In all, this is a platform built for value and sales with a bonus of Pandora and easy website integration.

The TicketFly affiliate program lets you partner with a premier ticket and event platform used by big brands from DancingAstronaut and FlavorPill to Pollstar and Songkick.

The TicketFly program makes it easy – a flat-rate commission for every ticket sold. This, combined with a quick-and-easy backend, affiliate management, real-time reports, and a 30-day cookie window gives partners all they need to earn with their even website and campaigns.

The TicketFly Program: Pros and Cons

The TicketFly affiliate program isn’t a usual candidate for your list of promotions. This takes your promotions one step higher than general consumers. You’re targeting the companies, businesses, and individuals putting on the events your audience loves. This lets you get behind two avenues when monetizing your music and event blog!

What are the awesome bonuses with TicketFly? What are the downsides?


  • Work with a flexible alternative compared to Ticketmaster
  • Add an endless stream of new offers and promotions through events


  • Commissions pay $0.25 per ticket purchased
  • Cannot earn within the first 48-hour window when a ticket is available to the public

TicketFly Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

We think those partnering and listing the TicketFly offers and promotions can create a great opportunity to bolster content throughout an event website. Each event presents a new opportunity to generate commissions from not only ticket sales but party items, travel, and more.

It’d be nice if TicketFly’s commissions paid more – and there weren’t so many restrictions – but something is better than nothing, right?