Thomas Cook

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Program Details

Base Commission 15%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Direct Deposit
Accepted Countries Global (Europe Primary)

Thomas Cook Affiliate Program: Overview

Thomas Cook is the best-known name in travel with its inception as an international travel company all the way back in 1841. Today, Thomas Cook continues that tradition of tailored vacation packages.

The website includes all the bells & whistles including airfare, hotel, and rental search. However, their flagship services are premium holidays and packages built for maximum pleasure without the high costs.

The Thomas Cook affiliate program allows affiliates to start earning 15% commissions promoting a range of offers found on the site. This includes items like travel insurance, airport parking, airport hotels, lounges, or all the above. The program uses a 30-day cookie.

The Thomas Cook program allows those with a good quality site access to join. Once approved, partners can sign into the Affilinet backend to find banners, text links, and assistance in starting and growing your potential with the brand. Thomas Cook runs frequent special offers and promotions. Promotions and vouchers are also available for affiliates to reward and increase payout potential.

The Thomas Cook Program: Pros and Cons

Thomas Cook offers a range of travel extras for residents of the UK and those traveling within its borders. The simple but valuable products are protected through White Horse Insurance creating a layer of safety and trust with every, tailored service.

What makes the Thomas Cook affiliate program a good one? What are its faults?


  • Extensive travel offers and all-in-one packages creating big earning potentials
  • Work with a brand dating back to before the travel industry was an industry!


  • Packaged deals often mean compromise for clients (limiting options)
  • TheĀ brand is a leader in the UK but others dominate elsewhere

Thomas Cook Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

We think the Thomas Cook offers and promotions have a perfect balance of value for both clients and affiliates. The Thomas Cook brand has continued excellence since 1841 and continues to deliver a quality service since its inception.

The Thomas Cook affiliate program, with its 15% commission, is a high potential money maker. The vacation packages can run thousandsā€¦ do the numbers. Frequent promotions, incentives, and support make this a wonderfully pleasant program to work with.

Ready to monetize your travel blog? Give Thomas Cook a consideration, it has the payouts you want with the offers your audience desires.