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Program Details

Base Commission 3%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check
Accepted Countries Global

TheCouponClippers Affiliate Program: Overview

TheCouponClippers is an online community and marketplace to browse and buy physical copies of nation-wide coupons. This includes paper coupons and whole inserts.

Customers can browse and buy based on their favorite stores, discounts, and grocery foods types. The site also includes helpful coupon clipping resources like their passionate community, blog, and a coupon tracker.

The TheCouponClippers affiliate program pays 3% commissions (minus shipping) for sales generated through your partner link. The program uses an in-house program for tracking & reporting, access to creative assets, and support.

The TheCouponClippers Program: Pros and Cons

The Coupon Clippers service is quite an odd-ball one… but one that makes sense. Serious coupon clippers looking to stock up or save on big purchases want access to these physical coupons. However, they’re not easily found outside of dumpster diving or rounding up stacks.

Giving your followers a unique alternative to digital coupons is sure to generate sales within the hardcore coupon clipping community.


  • Niche, in-demand product catalog
  • Excellent list of branded products


  • Low 3% commissions on small sales
  • A clunky site (without HTTPS – beware!)

TheCouponClippers Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The offers and promotions listed on site is one-of-a-kind. Their business and service bring you back to the old days of the Net where a small group of people finds something neat to sell and set up a simple online store.

The physical coupons they sell through their site are worth their weight! Considering you may pay a small fee/postage, getting a few bucks off your everyday purchase adds up. This keeps customers returning for great deals they’d otherwise miss out on.

As an affiliate partner, you won’t earn too much because of the product pricing and low 3% commission. But, this would create an interesting alternative to mix in with your usual set of digital promotions. In all, this could work wonders for building out tons of content and traffic – ultimately lifting all other promotions in the meantime!