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Program Details

Base Commission 25%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Direct Deposit, Wire
Accepted Countries Global

The HOTH Affiliate Program: Overview

The HOTH is an up-and-coming SEO, content, and marketing service aimed to be an all-in-one suite for improving search rankings, sales, and customer retention. The company operates as a white-label SEO service while providing B2C sales. This creates a unique affiliate opportunity whether you choose to promote offers to site owners or marketing professionals.

The HOTH affiliate program pays handsomely with 25% commissions through its in-house platform. Those joining through the HOTH Internal program can expect high commissions, 60-day cooking, and a back-end sales full with wider access to promotions. Their team has a refined funnel & follow up system to increase partner earnings through their strong outreach, live sales team, and retargeting.

Average commissions with The HOTH affiliate program range from $100-150+ per referral. Clients, on average, order 2.68 packages. The HOTH regularly do big promotions to attract new and existing clients.

The HOTH is one of the fastest growing SEO companies because of their service and openness to work with companies in industries many avoid. This is an ideal fit for those promoting the content marketing, online marketing, sales, and more.

The HOTH Program: Pros and Cons

The HOTH is a new player in the massive marketing space. They’ve quickly made a strong brand for themselves but are they worth promoting, as an affiliate, over other competitors? Let’s examine the pros and cons of being a HOTH affiliate.


  • High commissions via 25% commission structure
  • Great conversion rates and average customer buys
  • 60-day cookie with constant sales funnel testing and optimization


  • A smaller team creating a slight bottleneck with services
  • Still relatively new to the scene and lesser-known within its space
  • Pricing is higher than others creating a financial conflict to some

HOTH Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The HOTH still has a good while to go before they’re comparable to other big brands like HubSpot, Los York, AppLovin, and many others. But, their small and agile business is quickly making waves in the marketing community from quality services and solutions.

Marketing services are always a tough sell with small businesses wanting to “bootstrap” their content, advertising, email, and other channels. The HOTH streamlines the sales funnel and sees great customer conversion and retention. The high commission rate is mind-boggling generous with a single sale, the added, on-going affiliate commissions are out of this world.

In all, The HOTH affiliate program is a wonderfully rewarding program to join for those bloggers and site owners wanting an all-in-one suite of services to offer their community.