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Program Details

Base Commission 8%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type ACH, Direct Deposit
Accepted Countries Global (N.A. Primary)

Target Affiliate Program: Overview

Target is the yin to Walmart’s yang. It’s common to see the two stars head-to-head across the street from another in the United States. Target may not have the best prices when compared to its main competitors – but it shines with its customer service and quality, curated selection of products.

Target stores and its website lists more than 1 million products. It’s clean layout and weekly deals, REDcard exclusives, and printable coupons have made it a wildly successful retail brand. Target followed other retailers offering free 2-day shipping and in-store pickup. You’ll find many willing to pay the premium to simply avoid going to Walmart.

About the Target Affiliate Program

The Target affiliate program pays a 5% base commission for all products in its store. High-performing partners can earn up to 8% commissions.

The program backend includes your usual mix of features – including:

  • Creative assets
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Contests
  • Management

Their program is offered through Impact Radius giving you a robust platform to find links and promotions. And, gain detailed tracking & reporting to help grow your campaigns and efforts.

The Target affiliate program is a perfect complement to any individual in the retail or online shopping space. It’s very likely this store offers the products your community wants and needs. Target also lists a host of exclusive items found nowhere else like Funko POP Star Wars, home decor, and more.

The Target Program: Pros and Cons

Target may not have the highest paying program. Nor does it have the branding power compared to its major competitor: Walmart. But, their customer service, daily deals, and proactive content & social has made them a pleasant brand. Consumers fall in love with Target.

What are the pros of the Target program? What are the cons?


  • Up to 8% commissions
  • 1 million+ product catalog
  • Great customer support


  • Small 7-day cookie window
  • 2-day shipping has $35 threshold

Target Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

Target has a good set of offers and promotions you’ll enjoy listing on your site. Why? Because their product catalog is generally seen as “higher quality” than their main competitors. The premium pricing earns you a bigger commission despite their payout being industry-standard.

We think the Target affiliate program has everything you need to get promotions going. It’d be nice if commissions were across all items but that’s just how a lot of these retail programs go.

In all, partnering with would create limitless opportunities to list tons of great products. You’ll definitely want to join this program to give your followers an ample cross selection of goods.