Style Korean

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Program Details

Base Commission 7%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type PayPal, Check
Accepted Countries International

The Style Korean Brand and Affiliate Program: Overview

Korean cosmetics and skincare routines have become a massively popular topic on YouTube and the rest of the Web. Style Korean closes the distance by offering over 6,000+ products, across 80 brands, directly to your door on their huge ecommerce site.

Visitors can source Korean beauty products at affordable prices. This includes skin care, makeup, body & hair, mask sheets, and more. Customers can browse daily deals, $5 or fewer deals, and trial offers.

About the Style Korean Affiliate Program

The Style Korean affiliate program is offered through its in-house platform. This gives you access to thousands of products, and daily updates to keep up with the demanding beauty market.

The program details include:

  • 7% commissions
  • $50 payment threshold

The program offers access to unique brands not frequently found through other major cosmetic suppliers. This includes Sulwhasoo, Nature Republic, 3 Concept Eyes, and more. These items are discounted but still rank at premiums meaning decent commissions with most sales.

The Style Korean Referral Pros and Cons

The Style Korean referral system, as mentioned, is offered in-house. The access to the near 12,000 SKUs creates quite an interesting opportunity – especially with almost all products sourced from Korea.


  • Very productive of their brand meaning it’s not saturated and abused
  • Thousands of unique products you won’t find through other retailers


  • Main operations are in Asia meaning longer shipping times for International buyers
  • Not forthcoming with their cookie policy

Should You Join and Promote Style Korean?

There’s something especially neat about having access to Korean beauty products. These products are becoming a hugely popular choice among beauty and makeup bloggers. This could give you the perfect “in” on promoting these in-demand products.

We also like that it has a B2B opportunity. You could realistically leverage your work as an affiliate to provide products directly, taking a larger cut.

Overall, the commissions are so-so. But, the product catalog’s size more than makes up for it. Plus, you’re promoting completely foreign brands to an excited audience wanting to explore K-beauty — you should join just for this reason.