Skirt Sports

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Program Details

Base Commission 8%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Direct Deposit
Accepted Countries Global

Skirt Sports Affiliate Program: Overview

Skirt Sports is a female-centric athleisure brand and online store offering a wide variety of comfortable workout apparel without sacrificing style. Its best sellers, as you can guess, skirts, combine comfort with practicality while embracing all body types.

The brand also offers a line of bras, tops, bottoms, dresses, and more. Visitors can shop by outfits, weather, material, prints, or look for the best deals with Skirt Sports frequent promotions. Skirt Sports has a wildly passionate community, great product line, with something unique to offer.

The Skirt Sports affiliate program pays 8% for every sale referred to the online store within the 30-day cookie window.

Partners of the Skirt Sports program will gain access to a variety of attractive, regularly updated creative assets, a flexible tracking and reporting system, and dedicated management all through the power of the AvantLink affiliate network.

The Skirt Sports Program: Pros and Cons

Skirt Sports brings something different and unique to athletic wear. Their combination of traditional styles with flexible material lets their customers style out while having full mobility to jump into a rigorous exercise routine.

As a partner in the Skirt Sports affiliate program – what are some positives you can expect? What are negatives? Let’s find out…


  • Regular front-end promotions encouraging repeat buyers
  • Premium product pricing to earn more with each purchase


  • The highly-niche product line in a very competitive market
  • Unfortunately, no reward program to deepen customer relationships

Skirt Sports Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The Skirt Sports offers and promotions give partners something new and creative to promote the exercise and health market. Athleticwear is on the rise – but it’s severely lacking cute designs. Skirt Sports fills the gap and does it well.

Affiliates for Skirt Sports may not be able to promote these products to all their audience. But, they hit the mark for targeted customers, delivering something fun and practical to the healthy routine.