Six Pack Shortcuts

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Program Details

Base Commission $1.72 EPC
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Direct Deposit, EFT
Accepted Countries Global

Six Pack Shortcuts Affiliate Program: Overview

Six Pack Shortcuts, by Mike Change, is a fat burning weight loss and bodybuilding program. The key difference between the Six Pack Shortcuts program is its “afterburn” effect allowing the body to continue burning fat during and between workouts. The program includes over two dozen workout routines, membership area, and a complete DVD/digital set to help users built six packs and stay on track.

The Six Pack Shortcuts affiliate program offers a suite of products including the flagship Six Pack Short Cuts program, Abs after 40, Insane Home Fat Loss, Monster Mass, and supplements.

Applications to the Six Pack Shorts Cuts program is handled by an email application. Upon approval, you’ll gain access to affiliate tracking tools. The system uses a basic tracking ID to send new users to an optimized landing page. Their affiliate manager will work closely with partners to review promotional material, blog/website, and to answer questions and comments.

The Six Pack Short Cuts affiliate program pays an estimated $1.72 EPC.

The Six Pack Shortcuts Program: Pros and Cons

Six Pack Shortcuts is one of the best-known, independent home workout programs. The brand boasts one of the biggest fitness channels on YouTube with a massive network of ambassadors and affiliates.

What are the good parts of the program? What’s bad about Six Pack Shortcuts?


  • Continually developed and optimized, high-converting landing page
  • Huge package offer with a high-value proposition for a low cost


  • A lot of the same information is freely available on their YouTube
  • The supplements are lesser known vs brands found on popular supplement sites

Six Pack Shortcuts Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

We think the Six Pack Shortcuts offers and promotions could bolster your list of fitness and bodybuilding partnerships. The program has a strong following and many success stories. Pricing for packages are quite affordable and regular promotions generate continual interest in this growing brand.

The Six Pack Short Cuts affiliate program has a high EPC and premium pricing allowing affiliates to earn a good income from their promotions. There are other, respectable brands in its space like Truth About Abs, The 6 Pack Secret, and others, but Six Pack Shortcuts continues to reign supreme.

In all, you’re likely promoting a range of fitness products and services on your blog or website. We think adding this program is a great addition to add variety and options for your users.