Sheet Music Plus

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Program Details

Base Commission 8% - 12%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Gift Certificate, PayPal, or Check
Accepted Countries Global

Sheet Music Plus Affiliate Program: Overview

Sheet Music Plus is the world’s largest storefront for sheet music. The online store boasts 1 million+ product options across all instruments including choir & voice, piano, band & orchestra, and more. This includes music titles for beginners to professionals – if you’re in the music and entertainment industry then you’ll have likely come across their offers.

The Sheet Music Plus affiliate program offers 8-12% commissions for all products sold in the store.

The commission rate varies by monthly sales with less than $3750 earning 8% and 12% for those able to generate $30000 and up.

The Sheet Music Plus affiliate program offers something for everyone whether they’re corporate and personal sites to artist homepages, teacher sites, and non-profits. Customized links and data feeds are available for affiliates using their internal program.

The Sheet Music Plus Program: Pros and Cons

Who would have known sheet music was in such high demand? You certainly knew artists used these, but did you realize there was such a massive business behind it all? Sheet Music Plus has a 1mil+ of these documents. Why bother with the program? What sets it back?


  • 1 million+ products across all instruments and industries
  • Pop music to classical, promotions will find their way on any site
  • Clean and simple sales process plus top-notch customer service


  • Products intended for artists instead of your general music listening audience
  • Higher-level commission rates need big sales volume and commitment
  • Social and content presence an understatement and wasted opportunity

Sheet Music Plus Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

Sheet Music Plus is certainly your odd-ball entertainment affiliate opportunity. But, that’s what makes this program so exciting to promote! Artists need sheet music to learn and perform; Sheet Music Plus is the best source for these items.

Joining the Sheet Music Plus affiliate program can earn good, on-going commissions because there are always new releases. Targeted campaigns and niche communities are bound to jump at the offers and promotions because they’re incredibly specific. We think it’s a program worth exploring if you’re wanting to niche down further within the entertainment market.

In all, it takes a special kind of affiliate to promote products through the Sheet Music Plus program. Is that affiliate you? Discover and consider joining today.