Sam Ash

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Program Details

Base Commission 10%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal
Accepted Countries Global

Sam Ash Affiliate Program: Overview

Are you in the entertainment and music niche? Then you’ll want to head on over to Sam Ash and browse their massive selection of instruments, pro audio, and DJ gear! Sam Ash delivers a wonderful experience because those working the biz are musicians.

The online store lists hundreds of products from guitars, live sound, DJ equipment, drums, and accessories to lighting, keyboards, guides, and more. They carry dozens of well-known brands like Fender, Gibson, Pioneer, Roland, and many others.

The Sam Ash affiliate program is the perfect way to monetize your music, music learning, DJ, or instrumental website. Affiliates earn 10% commissions on every sale. The program is offered through LinkShare complete with third-party tracking, real-time reporting, and monthly payouts.

Over 50,000 products are available within the Sam Ash program. This presents limitless opportunities to make money in the entertainment industry!

The Sam Ash Program: Pros and Cons

You don’t see too many music stores around these days since production has heavily shifted to digital workstations. But, Sam Ash keeps the dream alive through their passion and dedication. They’re musicians, too, delivering a stellar customer experience whether they’re newcomers or pros.


  • Many big-ticket items create high commissions even at 10% rates
  • Carries the biggest brands of musical equipment
  • A wide variety of products creates endless affiliate opportunities


  • Those in Arkansas, North Carolina, and Rhode Island aren’t accepted
  • The website is beginning to show its age (generally clunky experience)
  • The scope of product catalog stretches customer service thin

Sam Ash Offer and Promotions: Our Verdict

Sam Ash is somewhat at a crossroads between analog and digital. On one hand, their offers are perfect for newcomers and professionals. On the other, the market has shown a massive shift toward digital and amateur production. It makes one wonder where Sam Ash will be in the coming decade.

However, we think the Sam Ash program is ample for your general blanket approach to music promotions. The platform and program offer every type of instrument from all major brands. This should give you plenty to promote and explore.

In all, the affiliate commissions of the Sam Ash program have a lot to be desired. But, if you want to make sure you’re satisfying your audience, then the rates won’t cause friction.