Red Chip Poker

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Program Details

Base Commission $25 (Sales) + $150/yr and 25% Recurring (Pro Signup)
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Direct Deposit, EFT
Accepted Countries Global

Red Chip Poker Affiliate Program: Overview

Red Chip Poker provides smart poker strategies and training for poker enthusiasts and professionals. The site provides a professional membership program collecting some of the best players in the world, providing their best advice to its thriving community of serious players. For $5/mo, users get guided lessons, exclusive videos, and challenging quizzes to build a robust understanding of the game.

The Red Chip affiliate program pays up to 25% of each sale you refer. The program includes a 30-day tracking cookie. And, pays $150/year for those referrals signing up to one lifetime Pro member account.

Affiliates will earn recurring commissions for any Pro membership they refer, too.

The in-house program comes featured with your usual set of partner tools including links, banners, tracking & reporting, and affiliate support.

The Red Chip Poker Program: Pros and Cons

Red Chip has seated itself as a world-class provider of poker strategies. When other affiliates are promoting casinos and poker rooms… you’re getting players deeper into the game. The program is simple but just enough to get promotions rolling without hang-ups.


  • 25% commissions on each sale
  • $150 bonus for pro membership sales
  • Recurring commissions on pro member referrals


  • Limited affiliate resources
  • Applications are through email-only

Red Chip Poker Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

We think the offers and promotions done by Red Chip Poker would create a unique, profitable vertical for those in the poker niche. It’s a membership program providing detailed strategy. This could get your referrals more involved with the game – resulting in bigger, longer plays – tie in a few casino programs and you can see where that’s going!

The Red Chip Poker affiliate program provides worthwhile $250 commissions, bonuses, and recurring earnings. Its program is simple but enough to get the game going. Check them out, and see what’s up!