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Program Details

Base Commission Up To 20%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Wire
Accepted Countries Global

Razer Affiliate Program: Overview

Razer is a wildly popular gaming brand providing high-quality products from headsets, mice, and keyboards, to laptops, software, and now a phone. The RazerStore and its brand have become the go-to shop for serious PC gamers. Through the store, visitors can snag excellent deals, keep up-to-date on newest products, and join a passionate community of gamers.

The Razer affiliate program pays up to 20% commissions on all sales of its Razer products.

The payment structure of the Razer promotions is divided into silver, gold, and platinum partnerships based on quarterly sales performance. This can increase earnings for peripherals by +2% for platinum members. Affiliates with loyalty, incentive, coupons will see commissions capped at 1%.

The program provides a wide range of creative resources and support. Its program is managed through the oneNetworkDirect interface where partners can find daily reports.

The Razer Program: Pros and Cons

Razer is a household name in the PC gaming and e-Sports space. Their quality line of mice, keyboards, systems, controllers, software, and peripherals are a hot commodity even when in competition with the flood of knockoffs. The Razer program is very flexible – a great fit for gamers!


  • Tiered commissions paying for higher performers
  • Huge, high-quality product catalog with a massive install-base


  • Capped (1%) commissions if referrals are incentivized
  • Higher-end commissions are for software (they’re more peripherals than anything)

Razer Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The Razerstore has quite a unique set of offers and promotions beloved by gamers around the world. This brand has single-handed carved itself into the niche while moving the industry forward by leaps and bounds. There’s no way your gaming community hasn’t heard of this brand – making it an easy fit within your promotions and campaign efforts.

It’d be nice if the commissions paid better on its peripherals since Razer software isn’t its strong-points. But, these products have premium pricing and hold their value – the small cut quickly adds up. In all, we think joining the Razer affiliate program is a no-brainer for the PC and gaming niche.