PPC Entourage

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Program Details

Base Commission 20%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type PayPal
Accepted Countries Global

PPC Entourage Affiliate Program: Overview

PPC Entourage is a piece of software aimed to help Amazon business owners optimize their sponsored product campaigns. The program’s goal is to get businesses spending less but seeing better returns. This system provides a better understanding of the platform and campaigns through a systemized approach to optimization. The result? Happy, profitable business owners!

The software creates automatic campaigns pulling keywords from seed lists. This software automatically removes duplicates, gathers data, scrapes search terms, and compiles it all into new campaigns. The software and service intend to streamline sponsored campaigns to just minutes a week.

The PPC Entourage affiliate program is your standard fair of promotions through the Refersion platform complete with banners, creative, and support. Affiliates can expect to earn a 20% base commission based on product selection. These commissions are recurring and pay out monthly.

The PPC Entourage Program: Pros and Cons

The PPC Entourage program has an incredible value proposition for its users. But, does it hold up for its partners? Let’s consider…


  • 20% recurring commissions is quite the opportunity
  • Refer 10 people and get a free PPC coaching session
  • Few competitors in this market at this price point


  • Bigger brands available with higher levels of consumer trust
  • Payments process only through PayPal

PPC Entourage Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

PPC Entourage is a small product filling a big space. The Amazon platform attracts businesses in droves, but many are having troubles with implementation and growth. PPC Entourage fills the information and optimization gap failed on Amazon’s end.

Its keyword optimizer and finder tools are incredibly valuable to those using the Amazon platform for business. It’s a no-brainer for businesses stagnant with Amazon sales. The added inner community and international support will have you promoting to business worldwide.

We think PPC Entourage offers and promotions hit the mark – they serve a single purpose without trying to be too much. This puts you in a great position if Amazon sellers make most followers. Discover the PPC Entourage program, join, and begin making money in the pay per click and business niche.