Personal Capital

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Program Details

Base Commission Up To $100
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Direct Deposit, E-Payment
Accepted Countries Global

Personal Capital Affiliate Program: Overview

Personal Capital provides award-winning financial tools helping more than 1.6 million people reach their personal finance goals. The free Personal Capital tool allows users to easily manage personal finances in one location, set goals, calculate network, make a budget, manage investment accounts, and more.

Financial planning services are a premium service helping its users take their financial literacy and control to the next level. Their service provides smart portfolio management without hidden commissions, transactions, and management fees. The company provides a wealth of free resources building a stronger, insightful financial community. With over 6.5 billion assets under management and over 15k+ investment clients, Personal Capital is in the middle of a massive financial empire.

The Personal Capital affiliate program is available through FlexOffers.

Partners in the Personal Capital program can earn up to $100 for every signup. Given the referral has $100,000 or more in investable assets within the system.

The program includes a variety of creatives including banners helping newcomers understand and find value in its platform. The program includes access to SEC-registered advisors further building brand trust and service value. The personalized experience each user receives turns the Personal Capital offers and promotions into a profitable opportunity for dedicated, high-performing partners.

The Personal Capital Program: Pros and Cons

The Personal Capital has its sets of pros and cons just like any financial tool and service. Each user’s experience is different depending on where they stand financially. With that said, what the tool does is amazing – and it has a passionate, insightful community! What are the good parts? The bad?


  • An all-in-one suite to take control of finances
  • A free to premium sales funnel leveraging strong incentives


  • Dozens of free financial tools and wealth management software titles in competition
  • Referral commissions are from those with an aggregate $100k in investments

Personal Capital Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

Personal Capital offers and promotions are few and far between because the platform and service are so unbelievably valuable to its users. The free service gives users a complete glimpse into their finances and offers a variety of valuable tools for wealth management.

The Personal Capital affiliate program has a rewarding affiliate program paying per referral. This is one of several tools you’ll likely offer through a finance or debt blog – so it makes perfect sense to sign up and begin promoting one of the biggest players in this software/tool market.

In all, if your community consists of individuals strongly passionate about finances and has the money to back their accounts… then Personal Capital is the program for you.